Starting over was never said to be easy to do
Especially when we stood upon shaking ground
Quivering bodies we are bruised black and blue
Wondering why we even bother to stick around...

A moment of silence is shattered by an eruption
Knocking us off our feet and off our guard
Another violent burst of chaotic destruction...
Why has our survival suddenly become so hard?

Twisting and turning to avoid all the flames
Hiding behind shields and tossing verbal blades
Wounding one another without any sense of shame
The state of our love has started to degrade...

The world around us is hazy with an evil smoke
That strangles our vision and renders us blind
A nasty fog so thick that it wrangles and chokes
Until our caring for each other is left far behind...

We can't see the light at the end of the path—
The beam has been lowered and hidden from sight—
Instead the darkness wants to rip us in half
We've fallen so far... we're lost in the fight

Between one another rather than against all the odds
They're taking us under—we're going to drown!
It's sad to think that we've become a lost cause
Sent to our deaths by the nastiness all around...

But just before the final explosion tears us apart
Before we're torn to pieces and ripped all to shreds
There is a long pause and then another restart
That renders us lifeless, we both fall down dead.

The pause then is ended, the world begins to move
The fog all around us begins to lift away
The pain is extinguished and the wounds now are soothed...
The darkness is over and we're starting a new day.

It's a brief moment in time that reveals all the faults
A little explanation for all of the recent grief
And suddenly I can say I'm a little less distraught
And suddenly I can say I'm feeling some relief

From all of the tension that was eating me alive—
The tension that engulfed not only me, but you
I can feel it deep down now, we're going to survive...
There's so much more that we can do.

The darkness kept me blind and I was lost in the haze
But with the light to guide my way, I'll be alright
I know that the healing process will take a matter of days...
But I'll keep our recovery strong in my sight.

For the past several days, I was trapped in despair
That came from a place that I couldn't comprehend
But now I feel like my life can be safely repaired
And I'm hoping that all our problems soon will end...

A source of external wisdom opened up my eyes
Taking away the fuzziness that kept me so confused
Stopping all my tears and silencing my cries
Stamping out the misery and coloring in the blues.

With my vision restored enough for me to see
I rise onto my feet and I look up at the day
Broken from the chains of my sorrow, now I am free
With clarity in my eyes, I'm now here to stay.