Little Dead Riding Hood.

She was as dark as the night, and as cold as the winter. The girl was a killer. Dead to all, for the sins she had committed. Except to one little kid, she would always be known in a fairy tale, as Little Red Riding Hood.

She was once known as Red Riding Hood. But that was many years ago. You see, in the tales they tell the little children they say she is sweet, yet they do not mention nothing about how deeply cold and venom she was. They just go on about her perfect, beautiful, red coat, and how much of a good saint she had been. When that was just a whole load of lies. There was no wolf, there was no coat either. The real story, was never told.

The story was written by a little girl, who had been watching red riding hood for years. She had grown up with her, and had learned that by all the years of being someone, you could change in a complete minute of seconds.

It was when her mother died that Red Riding hood went over board. She listened to no one, and to keep herself happy, the one thing she did was kill. Dead, gone. Just like that. With no guilt inside her whatsoever. She seemed to gain pleasure, out of hurting people. It was not like she was doing it for revenge, it was just like a drug, that she had got addicted to. People told her to stop, that was if they dared to speak to the girl. Hardly many did, because it normally ended with a bang to their lives.

As a result of the crimes she had caused. A group of people who's families had been hurt by her, decided to take revenge. The night of her birthday, they all plotted to kill her. And the best way to do this, without getting caught, was to get an animal on her. So it was settled and there plan worked. The night after, it was announced all around town that Little Red Hiding hood was now Little Dead Riding Hood. Everyone could not of been happier, it meant people could actually feel safe in there homes and outside on the street.

It was the little girl, who had been watching red riding hood for years, who watched her painful death. Her sister Rachel. It was a horrible way to get killed, but she deserved it and as a result of wanting people to remember little red riding hood, she decided to write a book on her. One that would contain happiness and a nice happy ending, a good way for people to remember her. Of course you all know now that the story was completely false.

Because to those that knew her, she would always be Little Dead Riding Hood. The big bad wolf...

A/N - This is a whole load lies, I was just very bored. And thought it would be totally cool to make Little Red Riding Hood evil. I'm weird I know. Reviews would be nice, tell me what you think.