"A Taste of Heaven"

Father knows best, some people say,
And God has shown it's true -
He's given me a taste of Heaven
When I was my most blue.

Even the words of Solomon
Can do naught to express
The perfect beauty flowing from
My vision of loveliness.

Michelangelo once did sculpt
Works pleasing to the eye,
But none but God could mold such beauty,
So stunning and sublime.

Descending from the purest heights,
Her Cupid in her arms,
This Aphrodite here on Earth
Now holds me with her charms.

Her flowing hair, her eyes of brown,
Set like the finest stones,
This masterpiece needs not be changed -
My heart she already owns.

Faith, you are a taste of Heaven,
Given from God above.
To thee I pledge from this day forth
My everlasting love!