You came out of nowhere,

I don't know what to say,

There was something peculiar,

When I first saw you,


I'm attracted to the mysterious guys,

But I can't take much longer,

You swept me off my feet,

Quicker than I thought you could,


I wonder if I could even betray our friend's trust,

Could we all just forget about what he thinks,

And just end up together?

I'm just thinking of "what could be,"


I'm strictly wanting someone to take care of me,

I can't tell if you're the one,

But I guess I'm willing to try,

I'm sick of being lonely,


You're actually making the intiative,

And you haven't repelled away from me,

Is there something you're hiding from me?

I want to know just something about you,


Are you just looking for friendship,

Or are you wanting a little more?

You're vague on what you want in life,

And you change as often as the stoplight,


I really don't know what changed between us,

But we somehow came together,

We're close in a different way,

I still don't know you,


You're intriguing,

Unlike anyone else I've met,

I've had a rep for making myself a fool,

And then being dropped hotly,


I'm not in love with you,

But I certainly am "in like" with you,

I feel like you could be a change for me,

A refreshing wave,


You're doing a very good job of having me wrapped around your finger,

I want to see if we could make it work,

Mystery is your name,

And confusion is your game.