You are a second-hand wonder,

And jealousy makes you more appealing,

I want betrayal and secret kisses,

I want to make him cry,


Maybe he'd see what I've always seen in him,

But by now I don't care,

I want to see the green in your eyes,

The glares,


I want you to want me in a way,

I can't even tell if you even like me,

But I think that you would see me in a different light,

And I want to make you want me,


Make you want to beat the other guy up,

And then stop,

Realizing you've hurt your best friend,

And you step back in horror,


All over a girl "you never cared about,"

Something is coming over me,

I'm feeling very monsterous,



I want you to feel the pain,

Just a little bit of the taste you gave me,

Give me just a little emotion,

Just once in your life,


I want the angst to come,

Cause a twist in your perfect life,

You judge me way too often,

And I can't stand you anymore,


I want see you fall,


Come back to me,

Begging for forgiveness,


Pleading your sorry's,

And I'll tell you you're too late,

Kiss the other man,

And walk away.