Damnation of an Afro

Silence. That was something that always surrounded me. It oddly just happened to be my closest friend. Well, what more could you expect from someone who never in his life left his sanctuary. His home. Not a sound was heard. Everything was mystifying as it could ever be. No creaking sound coming from the rotten floorboards. No laughter and giddiness from young children. Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

I sat at the corner of my old yet comfortable den. Rocking against my heels, I wondered what splendors and magnificence was held behind these walls. Curiousity burned like a huge bonfire in a beach party. A sigh escaped my lips as the reality donned in. Although the fact was solely accepted, I still couldn't help wondering why everything is the way it is. Why couldn't people fly or even soar high in the sky? Why couldn't animals speak so that all who surrounded it would understand the pain and suffering it encountered? And why couldn't I leave this rotten dump and experience the beauty of what everyone recognizes as life?

The reason was because we just couldn't. Life was made specifically this way. We couldn't do anything about it. No matter how much it just eats us up, we have to live through it. The anger about how life directed each and every one of us exploded in flames. Before I knew it, my fist punched its way into the crumbling wall of my house. Illuminating light pierced through the small hole that was produced by the effect of my rage. It blinded my eyes and clouded my thoughts at the same time.

My body somehow was alerted by that specific phenomenon. It immediately carried my thoughts and scurried of towards another dark corner. My body slumped down to the ground. As I stared at the place which was at opposite ends from where I was positioned before, my imagination began its journey. I was often told since young that I had a very active imagination. If someone held up a plastic bottle, my mind would immediately react and say "Is that a bottle found in the ocean which contained a note in it saying that civilians had been kidnapped by pirates and locked away on a mysterious island called Weasel?" People often mistook me for being completely insane. That was why I put up an act and tried to be more civilized. Unfortunately that planned backfired against me because those who knew me now thought that I had multiple personality disorder.

As I absorbed these thoughts, my mind took a turn towards the land were imaginations run free. Due to the fact that I have never stepped foot outside these four walls, my own personal fantasy world was made up. Everything that reigns in my world was as great as great can be. Whenever I take a trip to my world, I would always end up in many different places. Sometimes I would be underwater surrounded by many kinds of sea creatures. I got eaten by a shark on that journey. I've also been on a hot air balloon. Oddly enough, I fell out of the hot air balloon on that same journey. Besides that, my mind also brought me to a park. To be more specific, a lush green field filled with nothing but grass. Those were the three places my mind has taken a journey to. I wonder what adventures wait for me as I travel to my world. I closed my eyes in anticipation.

The minute my pupils experienced light, my heart sank deeply into my chest. There was no new adventure waiting for me. I was back once again at the park that was filled with nothing but grass. Although, I've been here a couple of times, some things would differ but yet some would remain as if they were untouched. My eyes captured every detail precisely. What stood out in the scene beyond me was this couple, an old married couple to be exact. They were beyond happy as they gazed into each other's eyes. My heart yearned for that specific feeling but my mind knew I could never experience that. Everything else seemed to remain the same excluding the gay married couple.

The field stretched beyond the horizon and into oblivion. The smell of freshly air was soaring in the sky. There was also this cloud in such an odd shape that wouldn't seem to make up its mind. It took the shape of a hand sanitizer that would one moment appear and the next vanish into thin air.

"Leave me alone! I told you to stop bothering me."

"But I can't seem to get you off my mind."

"That's funny! I've always pictured you to be someone who had nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing on your mind."

"Well, since I saw, you hold on my whole world in your palms."

"Good! Can't wait to crush it."

This was something that constantly never changed. A teenage boy and girl bickering about love. They never give up, do they? Funny thing about this picture is the fact that the girl is that one who is throwing pick up lines at the guy's face. The guy would always have a scowl on his. I thought that he would have learned by now. He goes to this same park everyday and at the same time. Of course, the girl would know when to make her move on him. It always cracks me up about what kind of pick up lines she uses. Oh no! Here they go again.

"What do you want? You are so annoying you know that?"

"Of course I did. Anyway, if I followed you home, would you keep me?"

"I just said you were so annoying and yet you ask if I would keep you if you followed me home. What kind of idiotic question is that?"

"It's not a question, it's a pick line. I found it on the internet. Do you like it?"

"No I absolutely do not like it. You know what forget it, I'm leaving. You can just call your mom to pick you up or something."

"Crap! There's something wrong with my cell phone."

"Oh really. Why is that?"

"It's just that…your number is not in it."

"Oh My Gosh! Would you get a life?"

"But I'm trying to."

"No you're not. You're bothering me. That's not getting a life."

"But it is. You are my life."


"See you tomorrow."

The girl stars waving her hands rapidly as the teenage boy disappears just beyond the horizon. What makes the picture even more idiotic is the fact that the boy keeps coming here everyday. Another sigh escaped my lips. If only I could experience something like this in the real world. Just as my mind mentioned the real world, my body and thoughts began to slip into unconsciousness.

When I woke up, I was back at the dark corner of my rotten dump which I called home. In an hour, three sighs have been released. I just have to accept the fact that I would never get to experience the world beyond these walls. The ocean, people, love, nature, school, work, and the sunlight. Especially the sunlight. That is something I have dreamed of experiencing. Something my whole being ached to experience and understand.

Sadly, wishing for that to happen is fruitless. The main reason I could never experience anything else in the world was because of the sun. The mighty and powerful rays of the sun doomed me into this lifestyle. I have been trapped in this remote place for all my life is because of the fact that my big blonde afro hair is allergic to the sunlight. An option was to cut it off, but I didn't want to lose my hair. My mom always said that my hair was my prize possession. And this is the price I pay in keeping that possession alive. A damnation of this existence all for the sake of an afro.