the sky is blue and so are you with those
flayed-flesh hands seeking redemption in all
the wrong places

(trust me, you won't find any god here)

the only thing you'll find is someone unwilling to
cooperate, who would rather face death than
suffocate by your hands as you lay waste with
your wicked thoughts

though i used to think the same way about life
wondered how to achieve freedom without
putting in the effort

you're different though with the way your touch
brings silence and cold fingers run up warm thighs in
an attempt to keep me quiet, if only for one night

and i'm not religious but i'd swear myself to you if
i hadn't already sworn myself to april's desolation

when you realize i'm no angel and heaven is only
a joke then i hope you know i'm not a demon either
'cause i've had enough trouble fighting off the boys who
said they saw me using witch craft to
hijack their hearts

there's no god, and i'm only human


after days spent watching endless episodes of supernatural, i just had to write something concerning angels and demons and sex :) what can i say? i have a thing for dean winchester.