I want to see the knife,

Bedded in your pulsating heart,

I want to be the one that rips it out,

And puts it back in,


Ripped in two,

I can't help but feel something for you,

You've got something going for you,

And all I want to do is kill you,


See you come down to me,

Down to me,

And I want you to see what you've done to me,

What you've made me,


You're just another scar,

And I can always walk away,

But they always come back,



Scaring me,

And I wish I've never met you,

Something wants me to change my whole life,

You've tainted me throughly,


Baby--can I call you that?--,

Baby, tell me you're reasoning,

I don't want to see me turn again,

No one even wants me,


I've become this person that nobody knows,

That nobody wants,

And you're just the closest that I can destroy,

That I can hurt,


As they come closer,

They don't like what they see,

See what has become of me?

I'm a washed-up nothing,


And all I want to do is see you fall,

All I want to do is to,

See you fall,

Close it all,


You don't even know me,

And you don't even see me,

Torn and broken,

Already flowing backwards,


Bleeding and breathing,

Coming just barely steady,

And I need someone to feel,

The way I feel,


I'll make it happen,

Something wants me to touch you,

And make you suffer,



I'm done with you,

I'm completely done with you,

I really mean it,

I really mean it,


Maybe you'll think about me for the rest of your life,

But I'll never give you the time of day,

I'll treat you as well as you taught me,

Speaking literally,


I want to see the hole I caused you,

And I bet it wouldn't be as big as you made mine,

The blood coming out in tiny droplets,

Then rushing forward,


The irony comes across me,

As I realize that is how the tears,

Spilled out for you,

And I hope you bleed forever,


I hope you bleed forever.