Sexploits of the Not So Innocent

Sexposure to Your New Life

By: RawRxxJuicebox

!!CAUTION!! This story contains material not suitable for anyone under 16. It is for mature readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes, profanity, and other inappropriate material. If you do not want to read about smut and such, then I suggest finding another story because this is definitely not the one for you. You have been warned…

Elle Newberry was sitting in a court room in the middle of the day.

Summer had just begun and everyone was on vacation while she waited to her the judge's verdict.

How did things get so bad?

Her dad and his girlfriend died a few days ago in a terrible car crash involving three other cars.

She was at home when it happened and only found out the next day.

Her dad was never home. He was always away on "business" and just happened to bring a girl, who was at least twenty years younger than him, along.

So they weren't exactly close and at the moment, she didn't even really feel sad.

Is that wrong? You can't miss something though that you never had.

Well she is only fifteen, which means the judge has to find someone to claim custody of her.

Her parents divorced when she was two years old and her dad never allowed her to have any contact with her mom.

Her dad had his many girlfriends, and occasional flings, but the only thing she knew about her mom was that she remarried a couple years ago and died last year because of her illness.

The judge pounded his gavel and the meeting was adjourned. She just missed whatever happened and was completely lost.

A man walked up to her and lightly grabbed her elbow.

"Hi Elle, we have never met. I am Devin, your stepfather." He extended his hand and smiled broadly.

"Hi." Elle responded timidly and cautiously shook his hand.

"So are you ready to go?"

"Wait, what happened? I kind of spaced out."

He smiled at her. "The judge ruled for me to be your legal guardian."

Everything finally started to register. "Ohhh. So um, where do you live?"

"I live in Massachusetts with your stepbrother Jasper and half-brother Kris."

Shock apparent on her face she questions, "I have brothers?"

"Yes, I had Jasper before I met your mom. He is just a little older than you. And Kris is mine and your mom's. He is three years old. Don't worry; you will get to meet them soon."

Afterwards, Elle and Devin went back to her house, gathered up the stuff she wanted to put in suitcases to carry on the plane, and boxed up the rest of the stuff to be transported by U-Haul.

Elle was a very beautiful girl. She was average height for a fifteen year old but her breasts were bigger than most other girls her age.

She was a size 42D, all natural. She was slim also. The perfect example of an hourglass figure.

She had creamy white skin and a clear complexion.

Her hair was an unusual contrast to her skin. It was jet black, so dark that it could not be dyed and it came to her mid back in layers.

Her eyes were a bright green that did not have any enhancements from contacts but was just her normal eye color.

She could not seem to keep her eyes off of Devin though. He was very…alluring.

He had platinum blonde hair that was styled in a way that looked like he just woke up but it definitely worked on him.

His eyes were a dark brown that seemed almost black.

He had to be at the most in his mid-30s but he was very built.

Elle could see his muscles being accented from his tight fitting black T-shirt he changed into earlier.

He was not too muscley but just muscley enough. He stood at around 6'2".

She had to admit, she thought he was pretty hot but he was her stepfather! How could she even fathom such things?

Elle has been living in Massachusetts with Devin for three days but not much has happened.

She hasn't gotten a chance to meet Jasper and Kris yet because they have been visiting their grandmother in Florida.

Devin has been very busy with work, he is an attorney, and trying to make sure Elle is comfortable.

She noticed that he just does not relax. She considered helping him with that.

The next day, Devin came home early.

"Hey, Devin." Elle greeted him as he came through the door. She was lying on the couch reading a magazine.

"Hi. You need to get changed." He walked past her and went upstairs to his room.

She followed him up there and asked, "What? Why?"

He responded vaguely, "Because we are going to the hospital."

Elle did not question him anymore and left to change her clothes.

When they were in the waiting room at the hospital, she could not help but to wonder why they were there.

Elle got called back by the nurse and just looked at Devin confused.

He urged her on so she followed the nurse to a room.

She kept asking the doctor and nurses why she was there but none of them would give her a straight answer. Then, they put a gas mask on her and when she woke up she felt a slight pain.

Elle had gotten her tubes tied. The doctor told her when she woke up.

She yelled, "But I didn't want my tubes tied!"

"I'm sorry, your guardian made the decision." He left and had a nurse escort me out to the lobby.

Elle saw Devin and questioned furiously, "Why did you get my tubes tied!?"

"We will talk about it at home." She shut up because she knew it was pointless to keep arguing.

Devin avoided her for a few weeks, never telling her his reason.

She turned sixteen during those few weeks and Devin bought her a car for her birthday.

She was not nearly as mad at him as she was before.

Elle finally healed from surgery and felt better than ever. She laid around the house doing nothing but she found a few hobbies to entertain herself.

Late one night Devin walked into Elle's room over to where she was sitting on her bed watching tv.

"Hey Elle, can I talk to you?"

"Sure." She muted the tv. "What's up?"

He sat down on her bed beside her. "Are you still mad at me?"

She sat there contemplating it for a while. Was she? Did she care that a man she barely knew made her impossible to have children?

"I guess not. I mean it will probably benefit me in the end." She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

He grinned, "I am glad you do not hate me. I didn't want you getting pregnant though."

His gaze drifted to her plump lips. "Why do you think I would get pregnant?" She followed his gaze.

"Because of what is about to happen."

He moved towards her and placed his hand on the back of her head bringing her smooth lips to his.

Her arms flailed around and she tried to say something but their lips were too tightly pressed together.

He ran his tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance but she would not permit it.

She guessed he got annoyed with her not kissing back and keeping her mouth closed so he moved his right hand to her left breast and squeezed it.

She gasped with shock and he seized the opportunity to enter her mouth.

He explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue.

She tasted so delicious.

She tried to shove him away but he would not budge.

He finally broke the kiss and glared at her menacingly.

"Look, either you cooperate and do what I want you to do or you'll be out on the streets where you will probably end up like your parents."

She gulped hard and nodded her head up and down slowly.

"Good. Now come here."

She leaned in and he started kissing her again except more intensely.

Elle kissed him back without hesitation, caressing his tongue with her own.

He then kissed her jaw working his way down her neck kissing, sucking, licking, and biting.

She moaned loudly and blushed from the primal sound that she made. He groaned when he heard her moan of pleasure.

She arched her neck back to give him better access and he moved to her collarbone as he pushed her down onto the bed.

His hands roamed her body sending chills up her spine.

She never knew being touched like this could feel so good.

One hand was placed firmly on her waist while the other was massaging her right breast.

He got to her chest but had to stop because her tank top was in the way.

He swiftly yanked her tank top up her body and over her head tossing it to the floor.

He growled with annoyance when he saw she was wearing a bra, another article of clothing hindering him from his objective.

She yanked his head back down and began kissing his lips again.

He lowered his pelvis onto her and rotated his hips eliciting another loud breathy moan from Elle.

She could feel her panties growing wetter with his every touch.

He moved his hands to her back where he expertly unclasped her bra, snatching it the rest of the way off of her and tossing it to the floor.

She gasped as the cold air hit her exposed nipples causing them to harden automatically.

He grinned down at her chest, obviously very aroused by them judging by how much bigger the bulge in his sweat pants got.

Elle involuntarily covered her breasts with her arms but Devin moved her arm away from her.

He spoke softly, "Do not ever cover up your breasts from me. They are beautiful and I want to see them completely."

She smiled up at him, proud that he seemed to like her boobs so much.

He lowered himself onto her again while he took her right nipple in between his index finger and thumb and began to rub roughly. He licked her left nipple. They had become painfully sensitive.

She threw her head back and whimpered from the pleasure while gripping the sheets.

He continued his ministrations on her right breast and began sucking her left nipple, playing with it between his teeth.

She started panting and writhing beneath him. Her panties were soaked.

He moved his left hand down her stomach to the waistband of her pajama bottoms.

He moved his mouth from her erect nipple and looked up at her smiling devilishly.

"Hmm, I wonder just how wet you are down there."

Just him saying that caused her to cream more.

He slid his hand down her pants and pressed two fingers to her panty covered vagina.

She moaned for the hundredth time that night.

"Wow, you got really excited. Does it feel that good?"

She could only respond by nodding her head feverishly up and down because his fingers were still pressed to her vagina making her incapable of forming words.

He looked up at the clock and removed his hand from her pants and rose up off the bed.

Elle sat up on her elbows confused.

He stated regretfully, "I am sorry, Elle, but I need to get some sleep."

She whimpered, missing his touch already.

"We will continue this again soon. I promise." He smirked.

She asked awkwardly, "But what about your um condition?"

"Condition?" He repeated with confusion.

She gestured toward his hard penis and he finally understood.

"You meant my erection. I will be okay; I just need to take a cold shower before I go to bed." He smiled with amusement.


"There are a few rules you need to follow from now on. One, you are not allowed to wear pants or panties anymore while you are in this house. You must only wear skirts, dresses, or nothing. Two, you are not allowed to wear a bra while you are in the house either. I would prefer it if you went topless altogether but wearing a shirt or not is your choice. And three, you must always do what I tell you and cooperate. Remember, I can change or add other rules at any time. That's it." He crossed his arms.

"Why do you not want me wearing that stuff?"

"Simple, easy access." He grinned mischievously.

"Oh. Well, isn't going to be awkward when Jasper and Kris come home?"

"Nah, I will tell them each in a way they would understand."

He walked back over to where she was sitting up on her bed and kissed her slowly on the mouth while groping her breast.

He moved away from her and smirked, "Get some rest. You'll need it."

Then he left and she was utterly perplexed as to what just happened.

Was she seriously about to have sex with her stepfather?

Was she seriously about to lose her virginity to her stepfather!?

How did this even happen? What she was doing was so utterly wrong!

The only thing she knew at the moment was that she enjoyed every minute of it.

She pulled off her pajama bottoms and panties.

Elle stood in front of her full body mirror staring at herself.

She slowly moved her hand down to her vagina and touched her outer lips. She was still leaking vaginal juices.

She cut off the lights and tv and crawled into her bed.

She relished in the feeling of what happened only moments ago. She had never felt so happy and scared in her life.

She wondered what tomorrow would bring and drifted to sleep.

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