A deep red presence filled the sky, as if the sun had scorched the very air and in doing so blocked the blue sky from further taunting me in the likeness of the a sea above me. I took my hand and dropped it to my thigh in a desperate and vain escape from the scorching sun, but to no further avail I returned it to shield my face. The longing for water dug at every single emotion of my being, it was… omnipresent. I was so close to releasing my grip on this life, the beating on my head would bear scars even if I found water, but it seemed nothing else would help me in my dire need. I closed my eyes and just as I started to give up a voice called. "Angie? Would you like a popsicle?" It was my mom, staring at me awkwardly as I lay in the sand of the sand box.

I rolled over and sighed "Sure mom..."