The world stretches before her, a smile growing on stunning lips. Goldenrod hair blows carelessly in the wind, along with a cute violet dress. She is completely alone, watching her earth grow in front of her. Sometimes sitting sometimes standing, it was a task that rips her apart and yet fills her with joy. So much war and hatred, yet it all seems healed by love. Love, such a beautiful word. I bet that emotion feels brilliant. A cry creeps from the bottom of her heart; she would never be loved back. She could always watch the ones she does love, but they always die with old age, leaving her alone. Alone. That is an emotion she knows very well, although her master deletes her memory of it every 100 years or so. Not out of cruelty, but because it tore him up to see his daughter, that's what she seems like at least, be so depressed. When he had created her in his lab, master would have never had guessed she would have given herself emotions. This goddess of a girl was invented to protect only, not allowed to be seen by any life yet allowed to walk on their land, a guardian angel of the entire world.

He leaves the girls side, to talk with the gods. Master was planning to beg them for her to be seen by them for at least one lifetime. Luck be with him, they might allow it. Please give her at least one chance to be loved back by a man, by someone who could hold her.

Melon bread fills his ravenous hunger as he sits on the edge of a marble fountain.

"Ah, where to go now?" he mumbles to himself with a huge sigh. People glanced at him as they passed, looking strange at his tattered appearance. He wore a long trench cloak, ripped pants, plain shirt, and fingerless gloves. All being a jet black to match his shaggy hair.

A high pitch scream catches his ears, forcing him to jump up and run to help whoever was in need. It was a common habit of his, although he'd rather act like he didn't care. A young woman sat screaming in the center of the park, for no reason that he could see.

"Hey! Cut that out." he growls, acting tough. She turns to him with tears in her eyes, her golden hair shifting enough for him to get a glance of her strange ears. They looked like metal cat ears, are they real?

"W...who are you? Where am I?" her voice is shaky, terrified.

"Name's Lusient, and you are in Ice wing park. Who are you?"

"I.... I don't know there was this light....then pain.....resulting in this. What planet am I on?" he looks her over, she wears an extremely short, and tight lavender dress that shows off huge cleavage, with the longest hair he has ever seen. She was clearly beautiful beyond belief with her body, yet the thing that catches the man's eyes is her own. They glow with a deep sapphire, shinning brightly.

"Ummmm not sure what planet you are on in your mind, but as far as I know we're on Earth."

"Earth....That sounds familiar..." she starts to cry again, baffled beyond believe. Lusient sighs deeply, and offers his hand.

"Stop crying, you must have lost your memory." the girl's soft hand seems to be engulfed with his, he wipes the tears from her eyes and helps her up. "Lets take you to a doctor, and see what happened."

"No!" The long haired girl practically shouts.

"Aright," Alsient laughs. "Nooo doctor. What about some food? When did you eat last?"

"What is food?" her head tilts to the side, showing those outlandish ears once more.

"He grumbles to himself, great now look what I have gotten myself into. This chick doesn't know anything. Maybe I can lose her...

"You would abandon a damsel in distress?" a voice questions. Lusient spins around only to see a white husky. A collar around it's thick neck seems to hold a form of flashdrive. "Yes a dog just spoke to you, get over it. It will not be the weirdest thing to come."

"I... dont really understand." he glances about, hoping to find a person speaking instead of an animal.

"This child is clearly lost, afraid and alone. You know you wouldn't just leave her. She could die in this world. Please Lusient, don't let my daughter's only chance go to waste."

"You're daughter is a person.... a dog is talking?.....I'm talking back? O-k! What was in that bread?!" he laughs at his own joke, yet the crying child and speaking dog doesn't seem to get it. "Fine. Do you know what her name is doggy?" he asks, though when he turns to the husky it vanishes. Suddenly he is tackled to the ground by a glomp.

"thank you Lusient!!!" she hugs him tightly. Her fingers loosen as she falls into a deep sleep.

Confused beyond measurement, Lusient carries the girl to an inn where he tosses her onto the bed. What have I gotten myself into?


"Fine, the guardian may go to Earth for a total of two years. But! You must be with her at all times in an animal form, to make sure she doesn't mess up. And, she must keep her ears and powers. Store her memory where she cannot find it until she returns to her original task. Goodbye, and good luck doctor."

Story made for: Mira.