I'm sick of apologies,



And lacking,


Worthless beyond compare,

I'd rather not hear them,

If you don't really mean them,

I can tell it in your voices,


Just trying to make it back to "how it was",

And I don't want to hear it,

Nothing matters anymore,

You gotta have to have the right timing,


My life is shorter than others,

Just forget,

And move on,

Nothing can hurt me the same,


Sorry's never cover the real pain,

And I can't live life wanting more,

From you,

It doesn't fix anything,


Masking everything,

No one's feelings,

Are as open as mine,

And I don't regret a thing,


I know I talk too much,

But that's the way I am,

I can't change,

No, I won't change,


I'm done with the "same old, same old",

And you know that I'm right about those two words,

They don't cut it,

Never have,


I know you're leaving,

So, why can't you just say it?

I know it's my fault,

Don't be stupid,


Symbols for the same meaning,

I won't get them,

And you won't see me fall,

You're not getting to me,


I'm a stronger person,

Your apologies won't make me weaker,

You'd have to hurt me deeper,

To see who I am,


And even then,

I won't tell you what you've done to me,

You won't see those two words affect me,

You can't get to me,


Don't try to be smooth,

No one's getting back into this,

I've built another wall,



People just don't understand,

How it is,

And I can't pretend,

That it doesn't hurt,


But, I'll have to move on.