The Guy From The Mall

Okay, I am not a military person so I don't know much about guns. I can tell a pistol from a rifle, or a shotgun; basically I know a few basics. But back when it started, I had to learn as I went along, and there is still a lot more to learn. But I have made it this far, so I must be doing something right.

I was staying inside a pretty secure mall. Completely isolated from the outside, with reinforced steel shutters and things like that. There was tons to do with having movie stores, book stores, the arcade, and Walmart. The only down side of that place was that I was alone there. And anybody who's been in solitary confinement can tell you how torturous that is. So when I heard your live broadcast, I got my gear ready and was out.

I had shotgun and a pistol, with a bag full of bullets. Luckily I had stumbled upon a gun store before reaching that mall, and had stocked up. Before I locked myself in, those things were every where. And I had lost count on how long I stayed in the mall, so I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping, the longer I stayed there, the less of them there would be.

Thankfully it was still daylight when I sneaked out the back door and I was relieved to see that my car was still there. Glancing around, I didn't see any zombies. But I could hear their moans. That sound alone scares the hell out of me. I got in my car, but it was nearly out of gas. You'd think this was a movie or something. But I thought, I should try to get as far as I can, maybe I'd run into you guys before the car is completely out of gas. Nope, I wasn't that lucky.

I got a couple kilometres before I had to leave the car. And obviously you know I was being followed. I got out the car and spotted a nice vantage point on top of a truck. There were about 6 of them in close range. It wasn't my first up close experience with them, but it had been a while since I seen one, they are just disgusting. Some weird black goo spewing out of them and those faces; covered in blood, unmistakeably of their victims. The fresh ones look at least some what human, but the ones not so fresh; they are all dried up.

It wasn't hard to clear my close range. Shot them one by one, and since they walk slowly, I took my time. But I wasn't wasteful with the bullets; I always aim for the head.

I was really surprised to see how less of them there are now, unlike the days when it first started. The roads were full of zombies and regular people, and you couldn't even tell just by looking. It's a lot calmer now, but also harder to find other survivors.

So I got off the truck, and started running. After about an hour of running, I saw a pile of bodies in one spot and walked towards it. And that's when one of your guards almost took my head off. Haha.