I always say the wrong thing,

And I should keep my mouth closed,

Something tells me that,

No one appreciates who I am,


I feel like crying,

Once again,

And the wave is crushing down on me,

So much pressure,


Nothing seems welcome anymore,

Everyone's turning away,

And I want to sew my mouth shut,

I hate that I can't do it right,


One word after another,

And you seem to get madder,

I try to stand up for myself,

And you always win,


Comebacks aren't my best thing,

But, then again,

What is?

I can't help but feel angry at myself,


Everyone is driving away,

They can't even deny,

That my words are stupid beyond compare,

I'm just an "airhead",


I think I'm the only one that gives out second chances,

Why can't the world be fair for once?

Everyone's against me,

Pressing against me,


My words coming back,

And hitting me in the face,

No one cares that,

I'm deeply tainted,


No one's out to reach out,

And still love me,

Judging comes too quickly,

And I see you in its face,


Forgiveness is rarely given,

And I'm reaching for another reason,

I need something to grasp onto,

But all I feel is regret,


I should never spoken,

I always mess everything up,

And no one wants to be with me,

Just because of what I do,


I really do think about what I say,

But it just comes out the wrong way,

Coming together,

And then set apart,


I always ruin everything,

But I come from the heart.