A New Generation of Great Tasting, Safe, and Nutritious Eggs!

How has it come to such

That we,

whose forefathers reared poultry along the banks of the River Singapura,

And turned her scintillating waters into a cesspit of fowl excrement,

Now fear eating eggs.


But it has come to such, that,

A liquid egg product hits the shelves!

Homogenized, pasteurized,

against the dreaded avian flu,

it delivers the taste of shell eggs,

At the same time matching up

With the performance of regular eggs,

All while merely being made of 99.7% whole egg.


What level have we sunk to

That we are spoon-fed creativity,

Swindled by a government who treats us

like malcontented children

with toys poorer than their neighbours?

Do we really need this indignity

Of consuming

Chemically created embryos?


Oh, but of course we do!

Our delicate tummies, conditioned

By years of cold air, soft mattresses, opulent homes,

Run at the very minutest speck of dirt.

We shriek in horror at the sight of shell eggs,

The ones that come fresh from battery farms

(where chickens already suffer for our benefit)

and scorn them, in favour of a product

that will only serve to further fuck us up.