I Don't Care For Your Fairytales

Author: Miss Aspiring Writer

A/N: Heavily borrowed from Kelly Clarkson's "The Trouble With Love Is." I didn't notice the rhythm.


What is love but a socialite's lie?

A futile law that can be defied

What is love but an addict's drug?

Its hazy call poisons with a fume so smug

What is love but a cold ruthless knife?

Depriving vulnerable fools with a cursed life

What is love but a dark, confining tomb?

Never freeing, yet foreboding impending doom

What is love but a siren's song?

Mellifluously enticing foolish mortals for an odyssey unpleasant and long

What is love but an instant flicker?

Its evanescent infatuation cancels leaving victims to bicker

Love is really nothing but a cruel fairytale

Putting all dreams and pride to sale