A/N: I hope this theme hasn't become trite…Now who doesn't like fluff? Hope you people enjoy amateur amphigory! Not exactly what I call poetry.


She lived beyond the veil and over the vast spray of the ocean's tide

All her dreams were buried deep beneath

The cumbersome weight of love


Rather the cruel substrate from a truth no more

The wind blew over that candle too long ago

Under her warm bosom

Her mind palpitated inside her chest

Her skin tingled with an icy touch

But the heart of life could not penetrate or breathe in her

For where there had once been a beating heart

A faint callous scar remained

Resilient, she remained in an insipid state of melancholia

Her soft azure eyes vacantly appealing to foolish men

Who dared to fall into those two endless oceans?

Where the clouds no longer poured down the fair flesh of her face

Her single step launched a thousand ships

Her breathing shallow, uncontrolled

A single step inside the snow

Once again imprinted that love was alive

Her kisses were sweeter than honey

But her heart was no more, and in her hand

A knife of eradication remained


Trembling away to the rhythm of her pallid hands

A deafening silence assuaged the screeching sound of

The sorrowful aria emanating from her melancholy voice

Only fools first noticed the enticing entrance of her ruby red lips

Escaping from it a desolate call for hope

Masked as rejection, yet emphasized a blatant truth

What was the truth?

Pure nothingness

Simply nothing

Than the gravity of

A lie called love