What is it to have immortality?
What does it truly mean to live forever?
Is it growing old without really aging with time,
Or like something that last like silver?
Who really knows what it's like to be immortal?
We, as humans, know nothing of the sort.
We think having eternal life is key,
But we constantly fail to seeā€¦
That being immortal comes from our memory.
Memories of happy things or maybe even sad,
We sometimes try to erase things that are bad.
But through our memories, we last forever.
Especially through those we have or someone special.
I know I have a memory of a very dear friend.
We've always been there for each other again and again.
Yea, we've had a few bumps in the road,
And yet, we always worked through those loads.
No, things won't always stay the same,
Oh but I hope that we never change!
So again, this I will say,
Repeating it to you until the end of the day,
To remain immortal in this reality,
All you have to do is think back on a memory.