With wings like velvet, the color of black,
That fall from her shoulders going down her back.
Her eyes, like the night sky with stars in between,
For when she looks at you they can be seen.

When she takes flight the stars watch in awe.
Twinkling brightly, hoping she doesn't fall.
For if she did, they would drop with fright,
Catching her and throwing her back into the night.

This angel of the night sings a precious song
Which makes the stars dance and sing along
While they dance the moon turns its face
Watching and smiling at the angel's grace.

As she dances, going from star to star
She gives them a kiss, blowing it from afar.
And then a stars shoots across the sky
Waving to this angel as it passes by.
She laughs cheerfully, watching its glowing light.
Until is fades, leaving her in the arms of the night.