"Brother my brother, what are we fighting for?

We have got to end this war.

Brother my brother reach out your hand

And I will take you from this hellish land.

To a place filled with plenty of light.

That, for you, will shine very bright."

Said the brother to his twin.

They had been fighting for what seemed like forever.

One born as heaven's angel, the other hell's demon.

For centuries they fought with hate and rage,

But they both stared feeling trapped in a cage.

So when the angel met up with his twin

He said, "Please, let's not do this again."

The demon knew his brother was right,

But evil and rage filled his sight.

So they fought for this last time.

Not knowing who would remain alive.

One was evil and one was good

They just couldn't mix in their brotherhood.

And when you look back to find their names…

You'll see that they were called Yin and Yang.