Just The Girl

Miss Ellie


"Because you're just a dumb little bitch who's good at nothing but giving blowjobs."

Kylie Sanders stared dumbstruck at the man standing in front of her. She couldn't believe her boyfri—ah, correction, ex-boyfriend, Michael Rowe, was saying those words to her. Just this morning, she was so happy to see him when they came to meet each other at the school parking lot. Now she couldn't even begin to describe how much hatred she was feeling towards the guy.

He was such an asshole. Actually, no, he's worst than an asshole.

Kylie was absolutely certain that her face was flaming red as she tried to control her anger and stopping herself from throwing her blackberry phone at the bastard.

"You jerk! And what do you take yourself for? A genius?! A dog uses its brain more than you could ever do, you dumbass!" She shouted back.

It was a good thing that only two of them were inside the classroom at that moment. It was lunch break so everyone aside from them was having their lunch in the cafeteria. No one was there to witness their not-so-amiable break-up.

Kylie was about to have lunch with her friends that day when Michael walked up to her and brought her in an empty classroom. She thought he only dragged her there to have some make-up session. But what she was not expecting was when he told her that he wanted to break up with her. Of course it was normal for a woman like her to ask what went wrong for him to suddenly end their relationship. Kylie thought they were both enjoying each other's company. She guessed she was wrong; because the son of a bitch only took her as some good-for-nothing slut who he can dump after he got tired of her.

Sure she wasn't some straight A's student, but to call her that she was a dumb bitch who knows nothing but giving blowjobs was just foul and downgrading. It wasn't like she fools around with all the guys who show interest on her. She still has some respect left for herself.

The man scowled at her. He looked like he wanted to strangle her to death.

"Bitch." He hissed at her then he suddenly turned around walked out of the room.

Kylie felt herself shaking up from anger. She was never the type of girl who would break into tears after breaking up with her boyfriend. But right now, she felt like she was going to burst any moment. Though, she tried to stop the tears. She shouldn't be crying over some bastard like Michael. He was not worth a single drop of tear. But still, she couldn't help feeling hurt. All those time they were still together, she thought Michael respected her, that he liked her for who she really was and not see her as some easy slut. Although she knew she couldn't entirely blame him. Almost everyone in the school sees her as an easy girl who would go out with any guy that she considers good-looking enough. That was her image, her reputation. A slut.

She wasn't proud to be regarded as one. She hated it but she just tried to ignore those people who would always talk behind her back and call her names and spread dirty rumors about her.

Her blackberry suddenly beeped indicating there was an incoming message.

She checked the message and saw the sender was her best friend, Amy Laire. Amy was the only one who didn't see her as some shit, the reason why they were best friends.

Hey, where are you? I just saw Michael with Sally on their way to the parking lot!

Kylie felt her anger rising up more as she read the text message.

So that was the real reason why that bastard broke up with her! He was fucking that stuck-up bitch Sally Morgan. That bitch was one of the many stuck-up girls who talk behind her back and spread rumors about her around the campus.

Michael knew how much she hated that bitch and yet The nerve!

Kylie finally walked out of the room and went back to the cafeteria where her posse was surely waiting for her.

As she entered the cafeteria, she noticed other students staring at her maliciously, some were whispering to their friends. What a surprise. She was sure people already know that Michael Rowe dumped Kylie Sanders for Sally Morgan. She knew it was Sally who spread the news. She's gotta give it to the bitch, she sure worked fast. It was only a matter of minutes after the break up and the whole school already knew.

She bet Sally planned it out with her worthless ex-boyfriend.

She ignored the attention people were giving her as she sat at the empty chair beside Amy.

Her other friends watched her as she sat there with them, then after a moment, they started bombarding her with questions.



Kylie needed a plan. She has to have a plan. She wanted revenge. Well, not exactly revenge. She just wanted to show everybody that she isn't some useless slut.

She's tired being looked down. Nobody takes her seriously, not even her own parents. Her mom and dad only see her as someone they are obligated to provide all her needs and whims. They really didn't care about her.

She was an only child so she kind of felt alone while growing up. She barely spends time with her parents since both are always busy with their jobs. Her dad was a doctor while her mom works in a bank. She didn't even know what kind of doctor her dad is and what kind of job her mom has in the bank. She wasn't close to them. Her parents would just give her money and pay for her credit cards and that was all. They never asked her what's going on with her life. Like she would care anyway. But maybe she does care but she tried not to think too much about it.

Anyway, back to the present situation. She needed a plan.

She needs to find a man.

She tried to think of all the guys at school, all those popular good-looking jocks. But no, she shouldn't trust those kind of guys anymore. It has to be someone who people at their school respect and take seriously.

Someone who was not really into popularity but well-known enough by everyone.

Someone smart and responsible.

Someone who has almost no social life.

Someone who isn't too handsome but still decent-looking.

Kylie could only think of one person who matches all those qualities, and that was none other than the student council president, Luke Walter.



Kylie quickened her pace as she walked down the corridor. She was on her way to the student council office. She knew Luke Walter spends his time there when he has no classes. That's how unsociable he is. She couldn't help but wonder how he became the student council president despite how anti-social he was. Maybe the teachers trust him that much.

When she reached the front of the office, she stood outside the door for a moment. She took a deep breath before she finally opened the door.

As she came inside, she saw a man sitting on a chair, his head buried on the book he was reading.

He was the man she was looking for. The guy didn't look up when she stepped inside the office.

She cleared her throat to catch his attention, but the guy still didn't bother to take his eyes away from his book to check who entered the room.

Feeling a bit annoyed, Kylie made another sound making sure that it was louder than the last one.

But he still paid no attention to her.

Kylie was starting to lose her patience. Obviously, the man was just choosing to ignore her. She was about to open her mouth to talk to him when he spoke, his eyes still focused on the book he was reading,

"People knock on the door first before entering the student council office. I suppose everyone should know that."


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