Another's Note: I was asked to write a fable for a class and decided to post it here. It didn't get the best of grades so I know it's not so great, but I figured I'd worked hard on it so I'd share the work.

The Wolf and the Mosquito

Buzzzzzzzzz. Snap! Jaws tighten around the fluttering form of a Mosquito, not quite crushing the small insect. A Wolf, haggard and gaunt, expresses his annoyance with the pest by catching the Mosquito and preparing to swallow the small form curled within his tongue.

"Wait!" yells a small voice from inside the Wolf's mouth, "Please don't eat me."

"Why should I listen to you?" asks the Wolf.

"If you let me out I can offer you a promise and if you like it, I can live, but if you don't you can swallow me whole," proclaims the Mosquito.

So the Wolf ponders this for a moment and spits the mosquito out. He sits back on his hunches and stares at the Mosquito, which lay on the ground slightly battered but otherwise unharmed.

"Okay, what exactly do you think you can offer me?" questions the Wolf.

"I can fly overhead and find you things," says the Mosquito, "so that you'll never have to hunt long and hard again. I can find where the prey is the easiest to catch. I can warn you about predators from miles away. You will become fat, not such a bag of bones, and revered among the others wolves. However, I ask that you offer me one small drink if you do agree to this."

"What! Let you bite me?" asks the Wolf.

He stands up and paces back and forth in front of the insect. The Wolf thinks about the trade. He could be the leader of the pack. He would no longer be a loner, an outsider, but sleek and fat and beloved. His eye's shine as he agrees to the deal.

"You won't be sorry, dear Wolf. This will turn into the best part of your life. Think about how I can offer you so much information that you can use. They will see you as wise and knowledgeable," exclaims the Mosquito.

The Wolf excitedly offers his paw to the Mosquito, who takes his fill of the Wolf's blood. Now, fully recovered and looking healthier, the Mosquito buzzes away smiling, with a promise to return the next day in the same location. The Wolf watches him leave, gazing with a large grin on his face. He curled up in a pile of rustling red, yellow, and brown leaves by a hollowed out log. The Wolf let his bright eyes begin to droop as fatigue began to set in. A few short hours later the Wolf can only sniff the air, his eyes blurry as lead settles into his bones. Sun sets on his still form and darkness obscures all. Rain falls and the rustling and scampering of the forest is lost with the wheezing of the Wolf, who gasps for air.

Finally, the Mosquito returns. He buzzes in the Wolf's ear; belly extending as he once again takes his fill of the wolf's blood.

"Please, help me!" cries the Wolf softly. His tongue swipes over a dry, cracking nose.

The Mosquito zips around the Wolf; first the left ear, than the right ear.

"Silly fool, who do you think is responsible for your illnesses?" asks the Mosquito as he lights upon the Wolf's snout, "Pests such as I are often carriers of illness and sorrow."

"You promised me such great things. I spared your life and you repay me with sickness!?!" howls the Wolf.

Then the Mosquito's voice began to drift further away as he leaves the Wolf. His last statement rings in the Wolf's ears: "I was fighting for my life. I would have said anything to get away, wouldn't you? Next time, don't believe everything you're told."

Moral: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.