"Abel, how dare you think like that," a man with evil, inky eyes demanded. "Why would you want to be like those pitiful creatures?" Abel was on one of his knees as he stared up at the man with his bright, leafy green eye. His midnight black hair was brushing against his eyebrows and he was wearing a blank expression on his face. He wasn't surprise at all when he heard the man's reaction, in fact he knew it was coming but he still ask anyway.

"But Mephiles," Abel interrupted.

"For God's sake child, I'm your father."

Abel hated that rule. Why would he want to call him 'father' if he wasn't his real father? But Abel had to say anyway or he'll get the taste of the whip on his back. "I mean Father," Abel corrected himself. "Wasn't I one of those creatures before I became this?" Mephiles glanced down at Abel and laughed out hysterically. Why the hell is that funny, Abel thought angrily.

"You were suppose to be one," Mephiles answered, "but your grandfather was cursed by one of our own, and whoever was cursed, their oldest son will be born a vampire and his oldest son will be born one and so and so on." Abel shifted his light eyes into the dark eyes of Mephiles. He then puckered out his lips, until he remembered what he was going to say.

"But M--- Father," Abel began to say, "I want to be more like them, not this killing craving beast!" Mephiles froze and his inky, black eyes began to blaze in pure rage. He clenched his jaws shut and his top teeth were grinding down his bottom teeth. Abel was calm and he didn't react to Mephiles' anger. He was actually expecting it and he knew he shouldn't have said that, but he did it anyway. Because it was the truth. "You dare say that to me in person," Mephiles questioned him in a low, nasty tone.

Abel didn't answer, because he knew that Mephiles knew the answer. Mephiles held back his anger and turned his back on Abel. "Okay Abel," Mephiles replied in a dangerous voice as he reached for a whip. "You want to play it like that then." He grabbed the whip and tackled Abel to the wall and pinned him there in a flash.

Abel grunted and scowled at him, showing his fangs. Mephiles nodded in disappointment and said, "Why do you have to fight back? Why do you want to be like them? Why can't you let the venom reached your heart, so you can become a full-blooded vampire like us?" Abel laughed.

"What's so funny," Mephiles growled softly, but firmly under his clenched jaws. Abel smiled bitterly and chuckled, "Vampire drinks blood, they do not bleed blood with humanize weapons, so how can vampires be full-blooded?" Mephiles held the whip in front of Abel's face and smiled darkly.

"But you're only part vampire," Mephiles pointed out. "So you'll feel pain and bleed blood!" Abel's eyes grew big and cursed under his breath. Mephiles slashed the whip on his shoulder. Abel clenched his jaws tightly as he felt the first lick of the whip. I will not scream, Abel thought to himself. That's what he wants me to do, but I refuse to do it! The whip continued to lick his beautiful, ivory skin as he refused to scream.

Finally, Mephiles dropped the whip and stared his leafy, green eyes. "You will respect me and the all the vampires here, rather you like it or not," Mephiles replied angrily and darkly as he squeezed Abel's cheeks under his crushing fists. Abel glanced up toward Mephiles, and finally after three days he been in the Blood Monarch's home and was fighting and trying to resist of what he was becoming, Abel felt fear. Fear was climbing up his spine and the fear entered his eyes. Then that was when Abel knew there was only one way to survive. Obeying was the key to his survival.

Abel shook off the thousand year old memory and entered through the office. Mephiles' office. "That was years ago," Abel whispered under his breath. "And I'm still not free." Mephiles sat in his black, leather chair as he glanced over his shoulders and saw Abel standing in the doorway. "Good, your finally here," Mephiles said as he turned his chair toward Abel. "Come sit down, I have something to talk to you about." Abel sat in one of the wooden chairs, which seem so misplaced in this huge, beautiful room

"Father, why did you call me in your office, if I may ask," Abel asked politely as he stared at Mephiles. Mephiles haven't change since the last thousand years when Abel was rebellious. Mephiles clenched his hands together like a business man and said, "I have a mission for you."

Abel was shocked. He was never selected to be on a mission before, but it was probably because he still was rebellious according to the rest of the vampires. He followed the entire rule except for one, itty bitty rule. He refused to drink the blood of a human. "Okay, what is my mission, Father," Abel asked respectfully. Mephiles smiled darkly as his black, inky eyes twinkled.

"This is probably one of the most important missions ever and I selected you personally, because this is a very difficult mission, but I think you can do it." Abel squinted his eyes suspiciously at Mephiles, but Mephiles seemed to ignore it. "I want you to find her and bring her back here in seven weeks," Mephiles answered. "So what do you say?" Abel threw a refusing glance at him and Mephiles noticed it.

"Many vampires have tried and failed," Mephiles pointed out. "But I have a good feeling that you will find her." Abel stared at him with disbelieving eyes. Mephiles laid his cold hand on his shoulder and Abel glanced down at his hand. "Abel, if you succeed I will make you a prince and you'll regain the respect and honor that you deserves." Abel huffed out a breath without Mephiles hearing it as he thought, like I can finds this huntress, and what makes him think I can do it? Something's fishy, but yet he sounds like he's telling the truth.

"Abel," Mephiles reminded him, "if you succeed you will come home a prince and I know you want that, don't you?" Abel glanced up into his black, inky eyes. He always wanted the respect just in case he was going to have to stay here with the Blood Monarch and a prince gets the highest respect. He always wished for that. That was the thing only he wanted if he have to stay with them for an eternity. But it startled him.

Will I be cruel enough to kill a damsel-in-distress that will become the hero in her kind or will I be too much of a coward to do so, Abel asked in his thought. Mephiles interrupted his decision making and said, "Well, what's it going to be, son?" Abel glanced up at Mephiles and took a deep breath of the sweet oxygen around him.

"I will do as you say, Father," Abel answered and Mephiles smiled

darkly at his answer. But that wasn't his real answer. The real answer was

trapped inside his head and the answer is unknown, even to him