Chapter 23

Abel stared at them blankly as he held pulled the long hair to raise the body up higher. "Yes," Abel replied blankly, "I killed the huntress like the Blood Monarch wanted." Kaitlyn and Sam smiled and gave a light punch to his shoulder. He continued to stare at him as he threw the body at their feet. "Inspect it if you don't believe," Abel challenged as a small, crooked smile carved into his face.

Sam lifted the body with careless jerk and stared at the corpse. He brushed the long, red hair out of the way and stared at the closed eyes. Kaitlyn roughly opened the lids and saw the bright jade green eyes staring back at her. They both inspected the blood all over the body. At the same time, Sam and Kaitlyn sniffed the blood and smiled in approval.

"Yep, this is how the huntress smell likes," they approved as Abel stared at the body. "You were right, Kaitlyn," he replied with anger raging through his veins. Kaitlyn stared at Abel and walked closer to him. "Autumn betrayed me, and I was a fool to think of her with a good heart."

Kaitlyn wrapped her arms around him and stared up at him. "Don't worry about her, Abel," she answered. "We are glad that you came back to the Blood Monarch." Sam nodded in agreement and smiled at Abel. He walked over toward them and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Glad you are back," he answered with sympathy; like a brother welcoming back a long-lost younger brother. "And I'm sorry about those remarks earlier back." Abel smiled back and nodded in disagreement.

"Don't be sorry," he answered. "It was my fault." He stared down at the body and scanned at the dead body. She was white as death and blood painted all over her, which made the fire trigger in the back of his throat. Kaitlyn cupped her hand under his chin and turned his face toward hers. "Abel, don't worry about her," she answered in her soft, bell-like voice. "She was a cold-blooded enemy that would have destroyed us if you haven't done it." She leaned in and gave him an unfeeling kiss on his lips.

She wrapped her arms around him tighter and laid her head against his chest. "We can be together now Abel," she answered, "and we could now feel safe permanently." Abel wrapped his arms around her and laid his head on her shoulder.

The moon shone down on the reunited vampire as the dark clouds

crashed into the sky again like a huge tidal wave crashing down on the shore.

Autumn, Abel thought to himself, you will be safe for now. But it will only be temporarily. You have to be prepared. We have to prepare for this…because this is just the beginning of our nightmare…