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Chapter 1

Ayla Howard was so excited for the start of school. She was officially a junior and it was football season. Cheer camp had gone great and they only had four spots to fill from the departed seniors. She had been named co-captain with one of her best friends, Sasha. Ayla was standing in front of her floor mirror, admiring her new outfit. Her father had surprised her with the platinum card to the mall. He'd told her to spend as much as she wanted and she hadn't disappointed. She'd bought several outfits, shoes, new make-up, and gotten her hair done. Her hair was naturally blonde, but she'd added honey under lights. She was modeling her red Gucci mini skirt and a black tube top. She didn't need panty hose or anything, having a perfect tan on her slender, toned legs. Ayla was a perfect 5'7 with a slender body that was very athletic. She only wore eye make up and lip gloss, not needing foundation on her perfect skin. She wore clear contacts because she had sparkling blue eyes. Most girls didn't like her, but despite how spoiled and pretty she was, she was actually very nice. She slipped on her brand new red 5 inch manolo sandles. She pulled the flimsy red button up shirt over her shoulders because tube tops weren't permitted during classes. She checked her appearance, her school colors looking great on her body.

Ayla was excited for another reason, besides school starting. She felt it in her bones that Steve Harding, the star quarterback was going to finally ask her out this year. They'd spent the previous two doing nothing but flirting with each other, and this was her year, she knew it was. She walked down the stairs from her bedroom and walked into the kitchen where her brother, Andrew, sat. He was two years younger than her, so this was his first year in high school. He was a bit of a nerd, but she was going to make him popular by association. She took a banana from the counter and began to peel it. She looked over at her brother, who was looking distinctly green from nerves. She smiled prettily at him as she ate half of her banana. Putting the other half in the trash, she walked over to him.

"Come on, Andy, we have to go." Andrew looked up her and sighed. He wasn't a total loss, but puberty hadn't fully set in for him yet. He was taller than her, almost 5'9. He had broad shoulders, natural blonde hair and blue eyes, he was just lanky. He hadn't bulked up yet, but the JV coach would get him there.

"Are you sure you want to be seen with me, Ayla?" Ayla frowned as she looked at him.

"Andy, you just have to have self confidence. I'm popular because I'm on the squad, but that's not all it is. If anyone, and I do mean anyone, makes fun of you today, you come and tell me. I know it doesn't seem cool to have your big sister stand up for you, but believe me, it'll do the trick." Andy grinned and shook his head as he stood up from the table.

"You're pretty cool for a big sister, you know that?" Ayla shrugged and grinned.

"Is coolie, but we have to go."

Ayla really didn't mind that her brother was somewhat of a dweeb, they were really close. She'd meant what she'd said about standing up for him too. No one was going to pick on her baby brother as long as she was in the same high school. It would set the solid ground work needed for him to be okay on his own once she graduated. She waved at him as she walked up to her best friend in the world, Jason Perry. Jason wasn't too far off from her brother. He was 5'8, lean, broad shouldered, had shaggy brown hair, and wore glasses. He wasn't fully filled out like the jocks, but they'd been best friends since kindergarten. She'd become friends with Sasha in the sixth grade and she'd made sure the two of them had gotten along, though not always. Jason walked up to her and smiled.

"Hey, Ayla, you look great today." Ayla smiled brightly at him and took his arm.

"Thanks, Jasey, so do you. How was your vacation? I know you were only gone for two weeks, but it was murder not getting to see my bestest bud every day." Jason blushed violently at her worlds and she felt a stab of guilt. She knew that Jason fancied himself in love with her, but it was imperative that they maintain their normality. She'd entertained the thought of dating him a while ago, but it would ruin their friendship and she just couldn't risk it. She sat down on a bench in the breezeway with him, waiting on Sasha, when she saw them across the way. There were three really built guys a short distance away from her. One of them had dark red hair, freckles, and his face was scrunched up in a laugh. He had to be over six feet tall, and he was seriously ripped. Ayla moved her eyes over to the next one, he had very dark hair, almost black, he was impeccably tan, exact height and build. The third was just slightly shorter, light wavy brown hair, and had a serious build. It was the red head that caught her attention…maybe it was the way he was laughing, but he made her mouth water. She didn't recognize them though, and they looked like seniors. Her view was suddenly blocked when her best friend, Sasha, stood in front of her.

Sasha Taylor was pretty much the opposite of Ayla. She was short, only about 5'3. She had brown, wavy hair that cascaded around her shoulders. She was slender and athletic, but her hips were wider than Ayla's, giving her the full figured look that Ayla was extremely jealous of. She also had a very bold attitude and would say whatever came across her mind, something else Ayla envied. Ayla was more reserved, she couldn't start up a conversation with someone she didn't know, she just didn't have the confidence her friend had. Sasha was wearing a similar outfit, only reversed. They'd done their shopping together, after all. Sasha was wearing a black mini and red tube top with a black pull over. She had a suspicion that she'd worn it on purpose because Ayla had informed her of her choice, but hey…they were co-captains, so it was cool to be showing their school spirit. Sasha put her hands on her hips and smirked.

"Hey girlie, sup? I see your checking out the newest scenery at Central, very sexy, aren't they? I call dibs on Elec, Which one do you want?" Ayla blushed to the roots of her hair as she knew she'd been busted.

"How do you know who they are? I've never seen them before. Speaking of boys…have you seen Steve today? I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks and I'm getting kind of worried." Sasha looked down and bit her lip, causing Ayla's stomach to drop to her toes. Sasha looked up with a pained expression.

"That little shit didn't tell you, did he?" Ayla's worst fears were being tossed into her face.

"What the hell are you talking about, Sasha?" Sasha sighed dramatically and glanced over her shoulders at the hotties that stood there.

"You remember last year when the principle made that announcement about new zoning? He said that some of the Central elite would be shipped off to Powell or Fulton and that some of them would be coming here? Those guys over there are three of Powell's star football players. The new zones said they have to go to Central, something they're not too happy about. Steve's zone said he had to go Fulton…something I can't believe the little tard didn't tell you about." Ayla felt her mouth drop open.

"Steve is going to Fulton and he didn't have the fucking decency to tell me?!" Sasha winced at her friend, knowing how she felt. She knew that she'd react like this, she was so pissed that Steve had chickened out.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I know you had your heart set on going to the homecoming dance with him. Think on the bright side though, we've got lots of new candy to choose from this year. Xander is the red head, Elec is the brown hair, and the black hair is Jared. Again, I call dibs on Elec." Ayla stood up, bringing Jason with her, a pout marring her face.

"I don't want anyone else, Sasha, I haven't for years. I can't believe he didn't tell me…"


Xander couldn't believe the two girls that were standing a few feet away from them. They were in mini skirts and heels that normal girls would fall over in, but they were seriously hot. The blond girl looked like she woke up and stepped out of a magazine. The brunette was seriously hot too, but the tall blonde is who caught his eye the most. He'd been bummed when his parents had told him that he was now zoned for Central, but they had a winning football team, where the Powell Panthers kind of sucked. He intended to go varsity, he just hoped those girls were the cheerleaders. Also, his friends Elec and Jared had been able to come to Central too, so they were going to dominate in the school. He watched as the blonde girl stood up, a hurt look covering her face and he instantly wondered what made her so sad. Elec had apparently been trying to talk to him, but once he saw his line of vision, he chuckled.

"Gorgeous, aren't they?" Xander chuckled with him and whistled softly.

"I call the blonde…damn is she sexy." Elec frowned slightly and Xander wondered if he'd been wanting the blonde girl himself…tough. He wasn't much of dating kind of guy, he normally just hooked up with random girls for a good time. Not that he slept around a lot, he just didn't want to be tied down. The blonde girl could definitely change his mind. Jared snorted as he watched his two friends.

"Can't you see the dweeb hanging on her arm? I do believe the golden goddess is taken." Xander shook his head, there was absolutely no way.

"No, see how's she holding his arm, but not really touching him? That reads friendship all over it. We'd better get to homeroom, let's go guys."


Ayla walked to her homeroom with Jason on her arm. Sasha and her never ended up in the same homeroom, but she always got it with Jase, not that she minded. She was sort of in a daze as he led her to the room because she couldn't get Steve out of her head. How could he not be there this year? She'd gone to the same school as him since middle school and all of the sudden, he wasn't there? It was supposed to be her year, dammit, and the fucking school board was screwing it up for her! Jason seemed to realize that she was upset, because he didn't try to engage her in a conversation. When they walked into the room they were supposed to be in, she sighed. Everyone was standing up against the dry erase board, which meant that the teacher was assigning seats. What home room teacher assigned seats for crying out loud?! She noticed that the red head she'd been staring at earlier was standing next to one of the other ones. Apparently the third one was in a different room, maybe it was Elec and he was in Sasha's class, she'd really love that. She waited as the teacher called her name and she went to the seat that he pointed her to. The red headed boy was sitting three seats in front of her, where as Jason was across the room with the other boy. Ayla propped her chin on her hand and tried really hard not to frown. She was the head of the cheerleading squad, she couldn't afford to lose it in the middle of home room. The teacher stood in front of the class as he finished giving out seating assignments.

"Okay everyone, today is a half day. I'm going to hand out your schedule's and you'll go to each class for only twenty minutes. Football tryouts on the field today as well as cheerleading tryouts on the field. Hope everyone is ready for a stellar year." Several people groaned at his over excitement. When the bell rang, Ayla jumped up and ran over to Jason, who'd moved to the front of his row. He smiled brightly at her and she felt a sense of gratitude that he hadn't been zoned out to a different school. She seriously would have lost her mind if he had.

"Let me guess, you're in all AP this year." Jason looked down at his schedule and winced as he nodded.

"Yeah, I've got English, Math, Science, and Art." Ayla groaned as she looked at her best friend.

"Damn, we always get at least one friggin class together! I've got History, PE, Chorus, and Science. We don't even have the same lunch…I may cry." Jason took her hand as he escorted her out of the classroom.

"How do you think I feel? You and Sasha are the only two people that will even talk to me and now I have to suffer until school is over." Ayla looked at her best friend and frowned. She knew that he wasn't popular like she was, but she didn't like the idea of him getting picked on.

"People don't pick on you, do they, Jase?" Jason shrugged and wouldn't meet her in the eye.

"Not when I'm with you." Ayla pursed her lips and crossed her arms.

"Jason, if someone so much as looks at you cross eyed, I want you to tell me, okay? I will seriously stomp some ass this year if anyone messes with you." Jason blushed and grinned at her, she looked cute when she was pissed.

"As much I as appreciate the offer, I can take care of my own problems." Ayla raised an eyebrow at him.

"Promise me you'll tell me, Jase." He sighed, knowing he couldn't argue with her.

"I promise." She nodded and quickly pecked him on the cheek.

"See you after school, Jase, love you!" He sighed and turned away as he murmured "love you too."

Ayla slung her sliding purse back up on her shoulders as she headed to her first period class of History. Ayla did really well in all of her classes, she just didn't have the time for any AP classes because of cheering and her volunteer work that she did. She was halfway to her class when she noticed that two of the boys she'd been gazing at, had fallen into step next to her. The red head was closest to her, but she didn't say anything at first. She saw Sasha coming towards her, the third boy gliding next to her. Sasha bounced the rest of the way to her and grinned, showing her the schedule in her hand. Ayla was instantly relieved to see that she had all classes with her.

"Oh, awesome, it's not going to be a totally shit semester." Sasha snickered as she looked at her.

"I take it Jason is in all AP classes." Ayla frowned at her friend, knowing that she was making fun of him.

"Of course he is, Sash, he's brilliant like that." Sasha shrugged, really not caring. She smiled big as she looked to the red head standing next to Ayla, whom she seemed to be ignoring.

"Ayla, have you met Xander yet?" Ayla looked up and jumped slightly, startled to see that he was still standing next to her. She shook her head, causing Sasha to sigh.

"Well, this stud muffin next to you is Xander." Ayla looked up at the boy she'd been trying to ignore all morning and smiled prettily at him. Sasha then motioned to the brown haired boy next to him.

"This is Elec and this is Jared, he's in my home room." Ayla nodded, seeing that she'd gotten Jared and Elec mixed up. She needed to remind herself that the brown haired boy was Elec and the one that Sasha desperately wanted to get her claws into. Ayla decided that she was being rude so she went to stand next to Sasha so she could face all three boys.

"So, what do your schedules look like?"

As it turned out, the five of them had all classes together, meaning, they were going to be very acquainted with each other. She could tell that Sasha was trying to get her to take interest in either Xander or Jared, but her mind was still on Steve. She knew it was stupid, seeing as he went to Fulton now and she'd probably never see him again, but it was a small town. Plus, she had his phone number and she intended to call him and bless him out for not telling her over the summer that he'd been transferred. They'd spent most of the Summer together aside from football camp and cheer camp, but he hadn't had the balls to tell her that he'd gone to Fulton's football camp and not to Central's. She was seriously contemplating ripping said balls off and shoving them down his throat. Why the hell had he led her on all summer if he'd had no intention of following through? With a frown on her face once more, they all walked into the history class to find out what torture lay waiting for them.