Wearing Soul

Under the invisibility cloack,
Heart-wretching pain that tears have soaked.
The eerie call of shinigami's so near,
Pulling her closer to her life's gravest fear.

Distant memories of history unwinds,
various images flashes through her mind.
What's left behind now for her,
only an endless blackhole in her heart.

The deeper the sorrow carved,
the more joy a being can contain.
But is that not just irony,
of life's tear-filled agony?

Happiness is a choice,
that allows you to sense rejoice.
But isn't it just a naive belief,
after pulling through hurt and grief?

Look towards the morning sky,
even nature goes awry.
Look at Mother Earth, our homeland,
even she has rough breaks now and then.

The alluring aromas of life's greatest joy,
only a mark of history's torturous decoy.
Under the freezing winter night,
Harbinger of a better day, far from sight.