Boy Meets Girl

'Breathe, Juliette. It'll all be over after six hours.'

Author's Note:

Right. This is quite...sudden. Out of the blue.

Hello there, dear reader.

(Truthfully, I don't know if anybody will ever read this. I mean, it has been YEARS since I've updated anything). \

As you've probably noticed, 'Shakespeare, my Ass!' has been removed. I'm sorry.

(Although considering how dead the story was, it was kinda bound to happen). Anyway, this story has been floating around for a very long time and has been neglected for most of that time too. I'll try to explain why the story has been removed. I was barely thirteen when I first wrote this story. As of February 17th of 2015, I'm almost twenty. Yes, I'm old.

I didn't take it down because of plagiarism. However, I did feel insecure about it still being floating around. Also, I saw that people were still checking it to poke around and see if the story would come back to life, which I will clarify, it won't.

I was only a teenager when I started this. Now, being a young adult, I guess this story is like an old childhood toy. One day, you just forget about it. However, after god-knows-how long time has passed, you unexpectedly find your old toy again. You start to feel nostalgic with all the wonderful memories flooding back to you, making you wistful and whatnot.

Then, you realize that the toy's got a nasty mold and smells funky so it was time to get rid of it. The toy is just like this story.

I had a great time writing it back then. Now, reading it all back, it's like the same way looking back when you were a child. You just repeatedly cringe and shudder. Eventually, I had to get rid of it. However, thirteen-year-old me is very sentimental so I only kept the opening line and the bunch of reviews that used to make me smile and feel on top of the world. I won't promise any rewrites of 'SMA!' or anything else. I really cannot promise anything. But I really do want to thank you for having read it before and entertaining my attempts at writing.

It has been a great pleasure writing for all of you lovely people. Good day!