I stood outside my little sister's room for a good ten minutes, listening to the noise that came from behind the door. I knew what was happening. It'd happened at least three times a week since our mother had married that man two years ago. Angel never spoke about it to anyone, not even to me and I had been forced to silently watch as the smile she used to always have slowly stopped appearing.

I heard the disgusting grunt of my step-father from the other side of the door and knew that tonight's torture was finally over. I quickly stepped away from her closed door so as not to get caught eavesdropping again. The last time had been well over a year ago and I had ended up with a broken arm because of it. I had vowed that night that I was going to take my sister away from this hell as soon as I was capable.

My plans were hastened as I learned a deadly secret from my best friend Daemon earlier this week. Daemon was the headman of our town's oldest son and often he would listen in on meetings between his father and the other four family heads. This past week they had been discussing something sinister so Daemon had tried harder to fully hear the entirety of the conversation. Apparently, our distrust of the adult's in the town had not been misplaced as they had actually been dipping their hands into some ancient magicks and had created a problem. Their solution to this problem was to sacrifice everyone in the town, including their own families in order to save their own necks.

I watched as the large dark shadow that was my step father slithered out of the door to Angel's room and shuffled back to his own. Quietly, I slipped over to her door and inside before it had even fully closed. I stood silently with my back against the door, staring in horror at the blank face of my precious little sister as she still laid there on her bed, partially nude. It was almost as if he had sucked all the life from her as she was still, motionless and emotionless. I gritted my teeth hard, wishing that I had been able to take her away from here sooner.

"Angel," I whispered softly, my voice barely audible but it carried easily across the deathly silence of the room. Her pale blue eyes rolled in my direction and as they looked over me in the darkness of the room they began to fill with tears. I moved to her side quickly, and pulled her up, hugging her tightly so that she couldn't see the pain on my face at how pitiful she looked. "Angel, we're going to be leaving the town," I murmured against her ear and felt her body tense up.

"Christoph?" Her voice was small, scared and confused, and I could feel her body begin to tremble underneath my touch.

"I can't tell you why or give you a destination, but I need you to put together some clothes in your gym bag. We'll stash it at school tomorrow and tomorrow night, we'll be leaving this place, forever," I said as quietly as I could. She started to get up to move but I held onto her for just a little longer, still wishing that no one had ever laid their hands on her.

"Christoph? It'll just take a moment for me to pack the bag, then you can go back to your self loathing, okay?" her voice was gentle but the words stung as much as if she'd slapped me. I knew that she didn't blame me for what happened to her and that in some respect she had blamed herself for my broken arm. My grip on her loosened and she pulled away, standing up and redressing herself, before starting to shove some clothes in her gym bag. "I'm sorry, Christoph," she said suddenly, pausing in the middle of the room. "I know it's not your fault and I know I told you not to get involved because I didn't want to see you hurt again, but I still find myself blaming you for not protecting me. I'm not fair to you at all."

"It's okay, Angel," I replied, not moving from the edge of her bed. "I wish I had been able to protect you. But after tonight, I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again, I swear," I said. For a moment, I thought I saw something like hope flash through her beautiful eyes, but before I could be certain, it disappeared again and she went back to stuffing the clothes into her gym bag. It was the last thing we said to each other that night as I watched her sleep until late into the darkest hours of the night.