I wish I could see

Inside your heart, find the

Love you promised me and

Take it in my hands. I

Wish you could

Feel my heart, crying and

Pulsating so vibrantly with

Wicked wants, hurts, and

Hopes. I pray that one

Day, when you have

Changed you will find

My heart, and take it in your

Hands, place it in your

Chest. Just as I have done,

Cradling your love so

Softly in the crib my

Palms outline. I wish you could

Hear my quiet whispers of

Promises I am not able to

Break. I want you to see my

Forever is you, always. No

One else can fill your

Place in my heart, or the

Hold you have captured on my

Soul. Everything revolves

Around you in my

Life. I wish you could

Understand the troubles I've

Sought unwillingly to

Win your heart, to make a

Wish of mine come true.

Where did your

Promise go? Where has your

Love for me been placed or is it only a

Fool's gold? I wish your heart was

Pure. I wish you loved

Me. I wish you could

Give me the forever I've

Wish for many years

Ago. All I'm able to do is

Pray for a warm, safe

Eternity in you arms. All I can

Do is wish, wish for

You to come home, where we both

Belong. In the arms of our

Lovers, each other.

I can wish. It is only

Hopeful wishing.