Made: Monday, October 12, 2009

Time: 10:22 a.m


I wander to the dark room,

In between the alley-ways,

Lost in the motions of it;

The room is like a maze.

The moon is full this night,

Hung outside the window.

Wolves howl lonely cries

As they die by Black Widows.

Cobwebs litter the deserted corners—

This room so dusty and lone—

Long forgotten by trials of time.

Only moonlight in it is shone.

Eyes open in the dark—

Cold, heartless, and vice—

Creatures of monster tales;

Breath of fire, touch of ice.

A chill runs down my back

As my breath is stolen.

Voices echo in misery:

A ghost girl is long forgotten.

Blood spilled around the floor

Tells of a murder case unsolved—

The answer is in the free man

Who took two innocents in life unpaused.

I take in this cold, dark room,

Heart and tears full of fear never.

Sighing, let it all take over;

And I disappear forever.