i take all the signs in wrong context,

i always seem to mess up at all the same parts,

and i can't help but backtrack in your direction,

perspective is in the eye of the beholder,


and i wish i could be the one that was older,

then i could actually be a little bit cooler,

you could be the one that changes it all,

but then you prove to be a bit over the rest,


i can't help but to think that i was such a fool,

all the hit come just as hard as before,

my world is crashing down,

and i want someone to stable me down,


you've taken all the hope i have in the world,

i put all my faith in you,

and i feel bad that i used you like that,

i can understand that you wouldn't want to be with me,


no one ever wants to be with this,

and you don't even want to consider it,

i'm never good enough,

but i'd just like a little chance,


rejection hurts like a knife in the heart,

and there are a thousand scars from previous lashes,

i don't know how many more i can take,

building up after another,


tears brimming at the surfaces of my eyes,

but i want to be strong,

but i know i'm not,

i'm rather nothing in your eyes,


can't see straight,

i always let people get to me,

something obviously wrong with me,

of course there is,


no use questioning it,

always wrapped up in people,

and what they think of me,

wanting to impress,


and no one seems like they are,

"just as a friend" are the words that i hear the most,

why can't it ever be more,

more, more,


the only thing i want in life is acceptance,

someone to love me for who i am,

and i thought you could be the one,

you could be the one,


the pain is still here,

like the very first broken heart,

i knew you were trying to tell me honestly,

but i can't let this go.