Lucifer thinks in bold. Lillith speaks in plainly.

Walk Away From the Sun

We've all got choices
That we must make.
We've all got to decide
What side we will take.

I've got my side and
He's got his got his.
Adam's controlling even
When I ask for a kiss.

Adam bids me goodbye,
As he goes to explore.
Leaving me to do
All the little chores.

It's mind numbingly
Boring to see her actions.
I can tell she hates it. I want
To get some satisfaction.

Walking by myself
I go by the one tree.
Off limits it says and
Here he notices me.

"Hey little lady,"
He says with a smile.
"It's nice to see you. I
Haven't talked in awhile."

At first, it's easy to be
Polite to the little green beast.
Until he asks me what about
This garden I like the least.

It is an easy answer
Go on, I dare you to admit
But I don't think I'll say it…
You know you want to quit.

He offers me an escape,
And chance at immortality.
A chance to be somewhere
With a new type of family.

Lucifer only laughs
When I told him no.
Lucifer just chuckles
When I told him to go.

I screamed at him again.
In morning's early light
To stop telling me to
Question what is right.

"Too bad, little lady,
I've got a point to prove.
Adam doesn't even listen
to you. What can you lose?"

What is there to loose?
I've already lost my Dad
The day he chose them and
Threw away what he had.

What I have now is
A perfect life in a lie,
A I look back in to
The angel in disguise.

"Alright," I hesitate,
"This garden is all I've seen.
What could you possibly
Hope to promise me?"

"I promise that I'll
Never lead you astray."
Something in his honesty
Had me reborn that day.

"I promise not to lie. Never
Will I hide any secrets from you."
All I know, (I don't know much)
Is telling me this must be true.

My bones break under pressure
As easy as I certainly did.
My body contorts in realization
At the secrets that were hid.

Oh the darkness beyond
My garden is something I can
Believe-The darkness descends.
I leave without needing any plan.

No hope for a future
Just happy to be free
Glad that I listened to
What's inside of me.

To see His first one
Become my creation
Of brutality and beauty
Fills me with dark elation.

Seeing how easily
Just one of them gave in
Shows me how simple it
Is to breed beauty in to sin.

God says they're special-
I say they're trash.
And I'll make sure
Not one of them will last.