(A/N: Summary By day, Rhea is just like every other normal girl her age- bubbly, funny and loves hanging out with her friends. At home, it's a different story. Her dad's blind and can't do much when it comes to raising her two younger siblings, and her older brother has to work 8-9 every day to support the family since their mother committed suicide. When the authorities get involved, the family are split up. What happens when she gets an invite to join the ever illusive gang, The Immortals.

Tyler's been in care for seven years, and has flitted from gang to gang from the age of twelve. Now he has a specific gang in his sights; the most powerful one in the area, The Immortals. Upon joining, Tyler quickly realises things aren't all what they seem.

And what's his connection to the beautiful girl who calls herself 'Nite'?

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The alarm blared loudly, and a slender arm extended from the bundle of blankets that appeared to be all that was occupying the large bed. The hand attached missed the button labelled 'Off' the first time, but hit it's mark with a little extra force than required the second. 5:00 AM, and the sixteen-year-old girl was already sitting up straight in her bed, swinging her legs over the side, and slipping her bare feet into her slippers as she yawned and stretched. Dark brown hair tumbled round to cover some of her face and fall over her shoulders in natural curls, and forest-green eyes, adorned with flecks of brown, blinked to keep the sleep from her face.

'A brand new day, Rhea.' She thought to herself sombrely, as she pushed her tired body out of bed. 'Plaster on that award winning fake smile of yours, and get up and face it.'

Even she, as accustomed to this life as she was, saw how wrong it was for a sixteen-year-old to have been put under as much pressure as she was. But she'd long since accepted it, and it was with little hesitation that she headed downstairs. She'd run out of time to do the dishes last night, so they were first on her agenda- after making, and drinking, a large cup of coffee, of course. Then there was the washing, drying and ironing, and that alone took her to seven, and then it was time to make sure everyone was awake.

Six-year-old Lucy was as easy to wake as always, and Rhea helped her get dressed before sending her downstairs. 22-year-old James had the next bedroom along, but she could tell that he was already awake and getting ready for work by the banging sounds coming from inside his room. She had to feel bad for him, working from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM to try and support the whole family; meanwhile, it was her job to look after the kids and her dad. It was pretty suck-y when you thought about it, but they'd been doing it for years now. To start, James had tried to balance working and helping around the house, but since he was never home, and he was exhausted when he was, Rhea had told him to back off, and taken over.

Twelve-year-old Matthew was sleeping soundly, and it took a little longer than usual to wake him up. Still, she finally got him up and off to the bathroom before heading back to her room to get ready herself. Her outfit was as simple as always; black skinny jeans, a red T-shirt with a black, printed splatter design, black and red trainers and a leather jacket. She couldn't afford elaborate clothes, she'd used to wear them when she first started looking after the kids, but two-year-old Lucy had a huge track record for breaking things like jewellery.

Make-up was something she didn't have the luxury for. It was too expensive, not that she didn't think that James would work himself to the bone to get the extra money if he thought that she wanted it, besides, there was no real point to it other than to boost up self-confidence. Being, effectively, a single parent since the age of twelve had given Rhea the self-confidence that she needed. Plus, her mother- when she'd been un-depressed, and long before her death- had told her that wearing make-up looked somehow fake.

Rhea wasn't sure if that was the case, but she hadn't worn it since, anyway.

Sighing, Rhea tied her hair back into a loose ponytail- quickly deciding that she couldn't be bothered to find some bobby pins to clip back the curly wisps that fell straight out of the ponytail, hanging around and framing her face. She'd regret it later, but it wasn't really bothering her for now- besides, she couldn't trust the kids to make breakfast without a mess, despite the fact that everything was already laid out for them.

She grabbed her pre-packed school backpack and a black and red scarf before heading downstairs. James had made sure to set out a seat on the breakfast table for her- cereal already poured, so that he'd know if she didn't eat it. She rolled her eyes at that, but quickly munched her way through it before washing the dishes and telling the kids to go and get their school stuff. They came back, and she dressed them in their jackets and scarves before the three of them began the walk to school.

Lucy was as eager as ever to go to school; holding Rhea's hand as she skipped alongside her, telling her elaborate stories about the things that her and her friends did at school; Matthew was excited too, but she knew that it was only because they were doing football in P.E. She was just glad that they were happy. She dropped them both of at their schools with a nice warm hug and a kiss on the head before heading to her own.

It was a large school, there was no denying it, and was pretty neat to look at. Rhea sometimes found herself thinking that if they spent as much money on the students as they did making the school look nice, it would be the top in the area. Shaking her head to rid herself of such thoughts, she headed over to a large oak tree and the girl and guy sat underneath it.

Lily Adams had the classic prep look about her. Long, blonde hair that was worn in an intricate bun at the back of her head, pieces strategically falling down to make her stunning face just a little extra special. She had the designer clothes, and the make-up to. It was, in fact, the attitude that she lacked. She was just too nice to be popular, though it was probably the only thing stopping her. Aaron Jensen was a football player; all broad shoulders and muscles that made him look like a male model. He was handsome, too, there was no denying it- but whenever Rhea looked at him, all she could remember was the little boy of ten years old, who had cried on her shoulder when the school bully had pushed him over in the playground.

Maybe it was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed deal- exactly like Lucy and Matthew (when he was younger, at least, his hair was more of a light brown now) that had her constantly remembering him as a small boy, she wasn't sure, but that was the most vivid of her memories. She'd met him at the young age of ten, and they'd stuck together ever since; Lucy had joined their gang in year eight- after a brief encounter with the 'populars'.

It was year eleven now, and they were still going strong.

"So, did you both have a good weekend?" She enquired, leaning against the tree as she did so. She leant over to smack knuckles with Aaron, and then repeated the process with Lily- it was like a signature handshake between the three of them, something that made them, them.

"Sure." Was Aaron's reply, accompanied by a non-committal shrug. Rhea knew if she was to ask again later, he'd elaborate into greater detail, he was not a morning person. Lily however, immediately dove into a story of how her auntie's puppy had chased her cat into a tree, and they'd had to convince her 'yummy' neighbour to climb up and retrieve it.

Neither of them asked about her weekend; it was an unwritten rule between the three of them. One of many. Things hadn't always been this complicated; Rhea could still remember- though with little clarity- the days before her mothers suicide. Back when they'd been just another family- well, any other family with a blind father. When their mum had taken care of them, and their father wasn't dependant on her and James; and their family was solely dependant on her father's benefits and her brothers income. Nevertheless, she was just happy that they were all happy and together- after all, that was the most important part, right?

Sighing, and snapping back to the present time at the harsh ringing of the school bell, Rhea followed her only two true friends inside.