the brain slide.

when you really start to take note of the down hill slide.
when you really start to notice the change. the wires that cross, the crooked logic, bent sensory nerves.
oh no, it's not slow.
you become twisted, cornered, undone
sounds and lights become one.
lose time, gain time.
names start slipping, faces begin to fade
beauty becomes art that becomes ugly.
like I said, its no slow.

and you lose more time
cravings begin.
need becomes your primal center of attention.
dreams become more real, balance is lost.
promises are broken
hearts wither, spirits rot, words are like poison.
things only make it to half way points, then stick.
new blood flees, marks darken, barren things catch fire.

lose more time
you will not move anymore.
or compute any speed faster then the sound of heartbeats
(bump bump bump)
I will repeat myself:
fall in love 8 times a day.
dream bigger
wreck your hands.
lose balance,
become permanently
read less, write more
spell worse, fear

lose more time
scratch walls
learn new words
forget the old ones.
fall in love with a boy name Sam

lose more time
stop sleeping
dream during the day.
make love, lose love
gain pain
(fall fall fall)
make speeches

lose more time
forget more names
scream out!
advertise profanity,
sugar coat truths.
fear knowledge, abandon reason.
and the girl who once had your name.

lose more time
build casts, lose track
fear touch.
cover everything.
stop eating
lose color, become thin

lose more time
follow the color green
take a hit, hit the wall, hit the floor
(bam! bam! bam!)
hide, abandon all hope
become hopeless.

lose more time
grow old, peel your skin,
commit to a new color.
fear love, fear
the color green is a boy you once loves,
abandon that too.

lose more time
the sun screams
the moon curdles
your spine snaps!
the floor becomes you,
addictions are highlighted
attraction grows,
a flower blooms

lose more time