God, she's so beautiful. He sighed in his thoughts.

"What do you want me to say?" he asked her, closing his door and turning around to face her fully. He started to walk towards her, staring at her intensely. She stepped backward, breath hitching up, as was her pulse.

"Do you want me to say that I revel in the taste of you? That I find kissing you, too irresistible I can't help myself. That just one look from you, I've already shattered like glass?" he huskily said as he had her trapped between the wall and him.

He brought his face only but a breath away from hers, and kissed her neck. She tried to push him but as soon as her palms touched hot skin, she immediately pulled away. At the same time, he had grabbed her hand before she could withdraw it completely, and placed it on top of his heart.

"But then maybe I should stop now before I'd drown myself from wanting you too much," he whispered against the back of her ear, brushing the skin there with the tip of his nose.

She caught her breath. His breaths against that erotic spot made her feel the tingles.

"I want to call you mine," he whispered as he nibbled her earlobe and sucked it.

She gasped. She held his left arm with her free hand and tried to cling to him as he brushed his lips lazily against the skin on her neck; his lips barely touching skin, his hot breath sending chills down her spine. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. He was drowning her, and all she could do was immerse in the depths of him. Down there, there was no Shun; there was no engagement, and their friends were non-existent. Down there, there was only the two of them and each other's desires.

"Kiss me," she whispered as she opened her smoky orbs.

His heart leapt as he stared at her amazing pools.

"I want you to kiss me," he heard her say again.

He whispered her name in a tone so low it sounded almost like a moan.

His eyes gleamed with lust and something much more as he dipped in and gently brushed her lips, capturing it almost too cautiously as if it was the first time he had ever kissed a girl. He teased her mouth open with his tongue and lazily kissed her. His tongue sensually probed the depths of her wet cavern. She sighed into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck to hug him close.

He deepened the kiss as he angled his head to gain better access of her mouth. His hands caressed every inch of her that he could stroke. He took hold of her leg, raised it to his side and hooked it around his hips, opening her to him as he started a slow grind, rolling his hips as his pelvis rubbed against hers. She moaned into the kiss, feeling him hot and hard pressing against her sex, the base of his pelvic bone rubbing in slow circles with her clit. She wrenched her mouth away from the kiss, the need to breathe too much to ignore. However, before she could even inhale in air, he robbed her of that as she caught her breath when he smoothly slipped his hands inside her shirt and fondled her breasts, rolling and tugging at her nipples, turning them into hard and erect peaks.

She panted as he now attacked her neck with wet kisses. He nipped at her skin, sucked her flesh, leaving a bruise and marking her as his. She fisted a lump of his thick black mane as she tried so hard to think and perceive what he was doing to her. But her mind was only an array of sweet sensations, as no rational thought existed at all.

In one smooth motion, he took off her shirt. He stared at her with amber eyes blazing with lust, and she ignited. He lightly brushed her well-kissed lips with his thumb as his right hand moved down. His hands skimmed her smooth and luscious curves, fondled her breasts and caressed her flat stomach, going even further south to loosen the ties of her track pants. She gasped as she felt her pants fell off her hips to reveal skin, her hooked leg the only thing keeping the pants from falling off and revealing all that was she. All her clothes had been wet from their charade earlier that afternoon, and she had to go around the mansion without any undergarments, and only wearing his loosely fitting shirt and pants. It was rather comfortable and light feeling.

"I want you," he said huskily against her skin as he cupped her sex and rubbed her inner folds lubricating his digits in the process. He then used his wet digits and gave her clit a single flick of the finger. He rolled it and tugged it with his fingers, arousing it to erection.

She gasped loudly, arching her back, bringing her erect nipples to lightly brush his bare chest. He took her that chance and devoured one erect peak in his mouth. He rolled his tongue around her nipple then roughly captured it, nipping and tugging and sucking it to his heart's content as he stroked her clit with a steady rhythm. She could have screamed from the sensations that that had caused her, but her screams were drowned in their mouths as he roughly captured her mouth for a kiss. And she kissed him back, pouring all that she was feeling into it. Her mind might have been blank but her heart was overflowing with emotions.

He then rubbed her folds open with his fore and middle finger while the base of his palm put steady pressure against her clit as he inserted his middle finger into her sex and pumped slowly, setting a rhythm. She beautifully arched her back as he released her nipple, licking her cleavage, lightly nipping, and sucking her flesh to finally arrive at her other breast. He then enclosed her nipple with his mouth, gently stroking the erect peak with his tongue and sucking it before he released it. He then blew his breath on her moist nipple, and she gasped loudly as her already aroused nipples further stood up.

She moaned his name breathlessly as he took her for the sensual ride, lifting her spirits and making her soar even higher as he inserted a second finger. He pumped his digits in and harder yet steady rhythm, driving through her inner folds to her tight, wet and hot love canal; the base of his palm grazing passed her clit, arousing her even more. And she wantonly muttered sweet nothings into his ear that both of them could not even comprehend.

He hissed. The sounds she was making were driving him to the brink. Even with his loose silk sleeping pants, he could feel the strain of his growing desire. Suddenly, he felt her dainty hands trailed down his chest, palming his perfect abs in sweet seduction. She took him by surprise as she quickly pulled the ties of his pants loosening it, and instantly slipped her tiny hand inside to boldly grab his hot and hard rod.

He caught his breath and panted against her breast as he felt her stroke his erection, matching it with his finger thrusts. He seized her hand that stroked him and brought it to his lips, kissing it. She had surely taken him off guard, but he would not want to get off like that. He, however, relished her gesture as he inserted a third finger inside her, never loosing his steady pace as she was already dripping wet. And she soared exponentially, the action taking her to greater heights and she instinctively moved her hips in rhythm with his finger thrusts.

"Reach for it," he whispered huskily.

Finally, he felt her walls tighten around his fingers as she caught that slice of heaven on earth, and her sweet sinful love juice gushed out soaking his hand. She panted breathlessly as she came down from her high. He withdrew his fingers from her center and hugged her to him as he kissed whatever breath she had. Her legs trembled, unable to support her weight as it felt like jelly to her. He held her in his arms as his hands trailed from her shoulders to hug her lower back, moving to grasp her butt cheeks, and lifted her up, guiding her legs to wrap around his middle; her pants were only but clinging on her upper thighs.

He settled her back against the wall as he released her mouth. She was still coming down from her high as he scanned her beautiful face. She was flushed, eyes still shut tight. Her breasts moved in synch as her chest heaved to breathe air. Her flawless skin shimmered with a layer of sweat, making her skin appear like porcelain in the dimmed hallway. He was transfixed on her.

"Do you want this?" he asked as he rolled his hips languidly, causing his clothed erection to brush her inner folds.

And she felt herself building up once more. She bit her lip and moaned.

"Do you want me?" he exhaled as he struggled for control. He hissed as his desire pulsed, feeling her tempting heat

She finally opened her eyes, and he was caught breathless by it as it gleamed feral in the darkened hallway.

"Take me," he heard her whimper and his heart jumped as he roughly captured her mouth, driving his tongue in and fervently kissed her.

She might have been so lost in the kiss that she had not even notice him open the door to his room, carrying her inside. All that she did was cling to him as she panted and moaned breathlessly into the kiss. She felt herself being brought down as her feet touched the carpeted floor, gasping as her pants slid off of her upper thighs, completely baring all that was she in front of him.

She shuddered as she felt his hungry amber gaze upon her, feasting upon her very naked body. His gaze was intense, feral as it roamed at every luscious curve he could possibly see. His gaze undressed her even in her undressed form. It was even physical as she tingled with wanton desire and sexual anticipation with every pass of his predatory eyes on her body. She had almost forgotten the fact that she had never been like this with anyone before; that the only people who saw her utterly naked were her parents and grandfather when she was a still a baby. And so, she looked away from him and covered her bare essentials.

He moved towards her, brushing her chin up for her to look face him as his left hand snaked around her tiny waist, embracing her. He kissed her forehead and smiled reassuringly.

"Beautiful," he whispered, kissing the back of neck sending chills down her spine to the tips of her toes.

He then revelled in the taste of her sweet essence as he kissed her deeply, turning it into a demanding kiss as they both relentlessly stroked each other's tongues. She moaned. He groaned. And they were both in a high. He cupped her butt cheeks, fondling it as he rolled his hips against hers. He lifted her up with one hand as she straddled him while his free hand untied his pants as he walked towards the couch and sat down. He held her hips as he slowly lowered her to his erection, moving passed her folds and into her tight depths. She flinched and grasped his shoulders tightly. He stopped her descent and looked at her with wide eyes.

"I'm your first?" he asked incredulously, yet so much overwhelmed by that fact.

She nodded and smiled uncomfortably at him, frowning her brows as she evened her breathing, trying to ease the pain and the feel of her being stretched to limits.

"So be gentle okay? Or I'll kick your sorry ass if you don't," she rasped, playfully threatening him as he made small comforting strokes in her lower back to relax her.

He just had to smile at that. Now, that was just pure her talking. That wasn't a ecstasy clouded comment. She dared to look down and saw his erection. She gasped.

"Oh my, you're big," she whispered.

Now, that caused him to chuckle. She hit him.

"Stop laughing," she scolded. "It hurts you know."

"Sorry. Just relax, okay?" he said lovingly and captured her mouth for a deep kiss as he slowly impaled her to him, filling her up to the hilt.

"Are you okay?" she heard him asked worriedly, feeling him throb inside her as he gave her the time to get used to his size. His breath hit her breasts as he panted for control. She was fantastically tight inside that he almost got off instantly.

"Yeah," she replied breathlessly, rolling her hips as she did so, teasing him.

She smirked mischievously, that feral gleam burned like wild fire in her eyes. This may be her first time, but she knew how to become a tease. He grunted as he then moved his hips in a slow grind, groaning with each thrust he made. She panted at his beguiling pace. It was not a boring pace, yet it was not orgasmic either; it was just enough to build her up. She frowned upon him in her mind. Now, he was teasing her.

"You feel amazing," he rasped, moaning as he put some muscle into his thrusts.

He grasped her ass as he pulled her forward, bringing her close to him, burying him even deeper inside her. He guided her movements in synch with his pace. He had imagined her this way for countless of times. He had longed for her to be this way with him. And his naughty side had wanted to tease her but it had backfired as soon as he had claimed her depths. And he was left burning inside.

"Then fill me," she replied huskily as she held his shoulders and rode him in wild abandon, moaning as she tried to match his beguiling pace.

He watched her breasts bounced up and down opposite his upward motion. She shut her eyes tight as she moaned from her slightly parted lips. Her beautiful raven black hair cascaded down her back as some stuck in her skin with the shin of sweat that covered her. He had never seen such an orgasmic guise and his heart swelled knowing he was the cause of it. He grunted as he locked his hips with hers and instantly laid her down on the couch.

He roughly devoured her lips, snaking his tongue inside, kissing her fervently. He resumed thrusting his hips as she wrapped her legs around his hips, burying him further into her depths. He captured one erect nipple with his mouth, moaning as he sucked it hungrily. His right hand held her left hand above her head, while his left hand fondled with her other breast.

She panted his name loudly and tangled her free hand in his black mane.

He released her left hand. And she felt him reached in between them and rubbed her clit, matching his strokes at the same time with his thrusts, which were now faster and harder, hitting that sweet spot deep inside her, causing her to orgasm once more. She shuddered, arching her back as her toes curled. And she screamed his name as she roughly wrenched his face away from her breast and kissed him hard. Her screams muffled into the deep kiss. He felt her walls tighten around his erection. And he grunted, pulling her shaking body up to straddle him in a squatting position as he pumped wantonly, now setting short hard thrusts, prolonging her orgasm.

Finally, with one last hard thrust, he poured himself into her depths. And she seized him, drinking every bit of his seed greedily, leaving no drop put to waste. They continued to kiss fervently until the need to breathe robbed them of their fervent endearment. Heavy breathing resounded in the darkened bedroom as the couple stayed in that erotic position for a few moments just catching their breaths.

He kissed her shoulders as he hugged her close to him. He massaged her lower back soothingly. She moaned contentedly and kissed his neck, then slumped on him instantly after that.

He whispered her name, but received no answer.

He held her in his arms to look at her and he smiled longingly at her peaceful face. She was already asleep.

"You always amaze me," he whispered, brushing his lips against her forehead, kissing her.