Lacking Liveliness

Loneliness has a way on people,

Their brain starts to bend.

Humans desire companionship,

A mother, a love, a friend.

Some voice to talk to,

In order to remain alive.

Lacking that liveliness,

Minds start to contrive.

With that time of loneliness,

It gives one time to think.

Suddenly all the lies, distortion,

Anger, and pain start to link.

A fetter in their own mind,

Locked inside their thoughts.

Insanity is viewed as sane,

To the more devilish plots.

But once that voice appears,

The insanity is sustained.

For that human contact,

Was the cure to this pain.

This was a poem I wrote form for my cousin Jenna, don't ask why O_0. XD, R&R!