Strange dream, as if I don't have enough of those....

February 24th, 2010

Dream: Underwater


A parade!

Or something.

You wait and anticipate,

It's prom, it's the dance,

A time you've been waiting for,

And waiting outside,

Standing at the doors, looking out onto the street.


Walking, marching, dancing,

They come up to where you are,

They're strange,

Not normal,



White billowy hair,

Strange clothes,

A lot of white.

They all go up,

Walking into the place,

Until she is stopped.


Seen from afar, something is said,

"that smirkā€¦"

She has to get rid of it, see?

Or else they seem too real.

Next thing you know,

Locked up in a room,

Like none you've seen before.


On one side, an empty disgusting and endless abyss,

Dark, rotten, you get a bad feeling.

Stuck, in a little iron box,

Floating in the sea,

Things grow all around you;

Thing unknown.


A peculiar prison, really,

A side of the box is open,

completely open to the endless darkness below,

But you don't dare touch it.

It almost leers at you.

And on the other are thick iron bars,

Trapping you within an underwater cocoon.


You sit there and stay,

Not daring, not wanting to fall out,

Until he comes,

And all is forgotten.