The pallor of a dream and the wind rushing
through my legs and blood and hair,
footsteps coming up fast behind me so I try
faster, harder but a hand catches my shoulder
"What are you running from?"
the past, I gasp. what are you looking for?
The familiar dark of your gaze.
somehow your hand finds mine and I squeeze it
unconsciously, seeking some sort of comfort
a smile on your face.
Then we're sitting somehow, a bench cool under my thighs,
your side is warm against mine as our breath
makes clouds of billowy steam.
"I've changed."
I examine our hands, entwined and warm. Your skin is
only slightly more tan.
"I missed you."
your eyes are warm chocolate, peering at me with a
familiar searching look.
"I want to apologize for what I've done."
my eyes drop away with memory, and it is your
hand squeezing to find comfort this time. Mine
twitches, my thumb moves over a knuckle, almost
soothingly. I remember the pain, the sadness.
"Will you forgive me?" A breath in my ear, warm
and moist with regret and hope. a shiver runs
through me, jarring, and I shakily nod. your lips
touch my cheekbone with a smile I can feel…
the warmth I felt, next to you, was one I've missed.