back to back we ventured forth,

slaying creatures that oozed thick muck from severed veins,

our palms sweaty within padded plate gauntlets,

our eyes bright with the excitement of the chase;


as a party we split the loot,

found good stuff to wear;

our blades we honed till razor sharp,

with ease we crossed the weir;


mage-light flaring we roamed dark ruins,

feet slipping on mouldering stones and rubble,

hands tense over burnished sword hilts,

poised to handle certain trouble.


as friends we drank the night away

in some seedy little tavern;

hangovers were cured with simple spells,

fresh water and bread unleavened.


as comrades we explored the wilderness,

spent nights below the velvet sky,

apart and alone we could feel no completeness,

Gods strike me if i'm telling a lie.