I'd always known that I was different from other kids. I'd been like this almost as long as I could remember. And I knew I would be different as long as I lived.

I came to Mission last year.

Posing as normal kids, my siblings and I started school. It should have been simple. Finish high school and move on, right?


We're getting a new student in our grade today. I've been assigned to show her around. I don't know much about her, except her name.


I had no idea that this simple girl would turn out to be just as different as I was. Just as many secrets.

Or that this deceptively simple girl had the potential to turn my world completely upside down.

And I had no idea the impact she would have on my life.


I always thought I was the one who had all the big secrets. But I'd have never guessed I'd be wrong.

Or, at least that's what I thought before I moved here to Mission. I never would have thought that there were others out there who were just as different as me. People with even bigger secrets.

And I certainly wouldn't have guessed who the one to prove me wrong would be. The student-council-president, basketball-captain, totally innocent Jakob.

How could I have guessed that from the first time I met him, the strands of my fate were forged in a different direction forever?

If I'd known the course my life would take as soon as I met him, would I have changed that course? I still don't know. Would it have all been worth it? Maybe.

I could have changed my fate. But I didn't.