so i get it.
i get that you are too busy, too lovely, wanted by everyone,
to exist only for me.

and i know it's only your way, to make everygirl you speak to feel special, not because you are talking to us (--well, i think we would all admit, that would be partly it...) but because you know how bring out our beautiful, and make us feel it. (would we call you a lover?)

so, it's not so surprising that i fell for you too.

(but, don't feel guilty, that was all my fault)

i see just your smile, and i want to make you laugh.
(but i'm not all so ambitious, i see you tired, and i want to say hi, i want to wake you, want you to notice me, instead of give you a blanket and let you sleep)

iwanttobespecial, iwanttobespecial

to you.

so, i distance myself, of course. 'tis my typical confused way. (and i miss you)


oct 13, 15 '09