That Which I Despise:

Hello my friend, fancy seeing you here.

Come, walk with me a spell.

You see that river, the one bathed in shadows?

Look closer, now. You see?

Not shadows but a fear and hate nothing can dispel.

How dark it runs, my pretty friend

Look at its contrast to your pearly skin

But it is not black, nor does water run

But black red blood, red life of living sin

Why am I here you ask, by a river of living sin?

The same I would ask of you

But for you I will answer with a tale of mine

Be warned my friend

This darkly tale I tell be both Pain and True

Alone in sorrows there I sat

Smothered 'neath lies, and secrets and pain.

Sharp glass could not cure, my hope all gone

'Till He came to herald me to burning plains

Enough, said he, I can show you a way, I can cure your pain

Much easier a walk is mine, not narrow and weak like thine

Look my friend, there it be

Cross yonder river where you'll be free to live in flame

Go; partake in that which keeps you sane

A step I took and one step more

The path I long for, the path a seek

But no sooner had I passed the dark robed man

I found myself stuck, unable to grasp that, which I implore of thee.

A cold, slim hand descended on mine shoulder

And ice spread throughout as my vision changed.

Fire and Hate, Pain and Loss

The vision I seek burned by one I wish to escape

What is this but what I have left?

It is your trial, your path of fate.

Cross it you will, cross it you wont

For what you seek lies beyond, at pains end

The sweet release can come by only defeating that which you despise.

A shove at my back, and stab through my heart

And a step forward I took into Fate.

Burning lies and Empty truths

They push me back, till I am lost within myself

Barely finding my way.

Fate was not kind.

But blood and pain and fire and hate

Licked my heels and scoured my skin

Till naught but dark shadows were my strength

An agonized scream pierced my shattered mind

I hardly heard it as my own

Strong and Weak, Heard but Silent

As I collapsed on blackest shore

Not unlike that upon which we stand now, sharp and unforgiving.

I felt them pierce me.

I felt them claim my life blood as their own

A cold and sinister hand caressed my skin

And lifted me from my torment, setting me on destroyed body

Now, said he, one last task befalls to thee

Before you shall reach

What you seek, what you fear

Destroy what it is you hate above all else

You will find it here, along this river of blood and lies.

With a shriek of wind

With a whirlwind of fire, my Master was gone

With task in mind I stumbled on along pain sharpened shore,

Along this very river by which we stand, mirrors of each other.

What do you see, my friend

As I stand before you now?

I see, oh what I see.

I see who I was, the weakling I refuse to be again

I see a worthless pit of shadows that I despise above all else

Alas! My friend,

The truth I see and the truth I seek

Are but one in the same with the task the King of Darkness has given

For before me, I see who I was, who I never wished to be, who I wanted dead

My dear sweet friend

I see it now, clear as white fire

Memories, Despair, Longing

For that which I cannot have! For that which none but I can give!

With a cry pain and wild fire alight, a blade of silver slashed eternal night

A scream, a stream of red

Down a porcelain neck life blood flows.

I saw her fall before me, I felt my chest fall empty and flames leap around me

They held me, they cradled me, I as watched who I had been die and still.

As stream met river

A whisper reached my ear

Empty Shadows, Swollen Flames

Bring her home, to the land she wants, to the land she claims

The land where she shall dwell for all eternity in this life that Fate has dealt.

A crack of wind, a stab of fire

An inhuman scream tore from destroyed throat

In Hell's pain I fell into shadows, Shrieking, wishing I could take it back

This fire was not release; this fire was dark, despair, Death

And now in It's clutches, I will never again be freeā€¦

Okay, so this is just a small little poem i wrote a while ago. I know for sure that poetry is not my strong suit but here is some.

Please review! Though I don't plan on writing poetry in my professional life, I'd still like to know what i can do to improve. ^.^

~Mizzmoris Out.