iJune 16, 2010. Summer session will be beginning next week and once more I am prepared to take on the summer language courses as a teacher. At the end of last summer's session, the head of the language department, Paul Jones, offered me a position as one of their language teachers. My salary was the same as any starting teacher's, but my tuition for the classes I did take for myself was taken out of it. Despite that, I think my pay was only cut in half, so I've managed to build up a healthy bank account. It had been a difficult adjustment at first, since I pretty much taught all day long and took a few courses for myself in the evenings. But, once I'd finished reading the texts, the professors of my courses allowed me to go ahead and take my finals. After I aced them, they let me get away with not attending class anymore. I just had to show up to take the finals with the rest of the students and prove that I had actually learned everything and not cheated.

It was hard not having Nate around as much as I had during the summer. He'd left a couple weeks before school started to attend football camp with his team, but he had a surprise waiting for him when he returned home. His parents had bout a new car for his mother, so they gave him her old one. He had been absolutely delighted by this, because it meant he could visit more often without inconveniencing anyone. During football season, he couldn't come up much, but as soon as the season ended, with them attaining yet another state title, he was up as often as possible. I loved it when he made it up to Cedar Crest. It was like a reward for keeping my sanity through the weeks. Still, we talked nearly nightly, which is why my journal is actually behind.

I wasn't allowed to sit around the house much on weekends when Nate didn't make it into town, nor even on weekends when he did. Shane, Leo, and Doug were often dragging me out to do things with them. I sometimes thought Leo was going to lose his mind with as much as Doug and Shane would ramble on about hot guys, but then again, he and Shane would start in about the girls that were around campus as well. I, myself, didn't participate much in the conversations about the looks of others, since other than Nate, I just didn't particularly care in the same way they did. Anyhow, I think I've finally gotten the hang of bowling now and have developed a sense of taste in movies. I like the ones that they all deemed as 'chick flicks' over the action movies that lacked plot and had far more violence than I felt necessary.

I'm pretty sure I've managed to develop a relationship with my adoptive parents. Jack and Lydia have been wonderfully supportive of everything I've done and willingly listen to anything I've told them. I've gotten more open with them, talking with them about things I would have kept to myself a year ago. Even as uncomfortable as it was, Lydia managed to get me to talk about my relationship and feelings for Nate after awhile. It really did help, especially on those rare occasions that Nate and I would end up fighting about something. She is probably the main reason why the fights ended as quickly as they did and our relationship grew stronger. Even though she wasn't familiar with same sex relationships, she knew more about relationships in general than I did and was only ever supportive of reconciling with Nate. To be perfectly honest, she helped me keep things in perspective and never let my mind or his run away with our imaginations or tempers.

I won't say things have been perfect. The world is never perfect. Keith, Lance and their two friends who participated in my rape were convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. During the trial for the drive-by shooting of Mrs. Adams's store the lawyers came to me and did a deposition, fearing that if I had come back to Oak to testify that there might have been another shooting like the last time. Despite the lack of me there to actually testify, the four people involved, including Keith and Lance, were sentenced to consecutive fifteen year sentences for five counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit murder. And yet still the last trial, for the boys who had assaulted Nate and caused me to briefly lose my memory, received two consecutive eight year sentences for each count of aggravated assault, unlawful detainment, and lynching.

Jeremy Hunt and Emily Peterson were both kicked out of school, which Jack had told me was normal consequences for anyone trying to cheat their grades. Granted, the school had never seen a case quite like mine, where the students actually failed in blackmailing the teacher. The local DA didn't particularly care for just kicking them out of school, considering that they had employed violence and caused me to have a seizure. So he'd tried them for conspiracy to commit fraud, attempted rape, attempted molestation of a minor, and assault. They didn't really get much time in jail from it all, but it would hinder them considerably later in life and both would be forever labeled as sex offenders.

I was grateful once all the trials were over though, as I could and did put all of the events behind me. I wouldn't ever forget them, like everyone else could, but neither did I let them come to mind. Instead I simply focused on getting through the classes I had to teach, which sometimes I did end up having to end a class early when my nerves would get too bad and I couldn't calm myself down. Classes during the regular semesters were different from the summer session and had many more students in them. After talking to Jack and Paul about it, they brought a psychiatrist in to see me, who prescribed me an anxiety medicine to help me get through the day without making me drowsy. After that, it was all pretty smooth sailing.

I'm currently feeling a bit antsy since it's been nearly a month since I last saw Nate. It's not something I am used to, as I never needed sex to begin with, but I think I've gotten so used to being with him now that I was really missing his touch. Lydia assured me that it was normal and that most people would have gotten that way long before I did with the distance between us. I'm just hoping that he'll be here soon, though. I don't like this feeling and I have no idea how to make it go away. He'd stayed in Oak to concentrate on his finals and graduation, and then he wanted to get some quality time in with his parents before he moved up here for me and college. He didn't give me a date for when he'd come and I'm worried that he'll spend the entire summer down in - /i

I dropped my pen as I heard the doorbell ring, jumping up from the chair at my desk and ran to the bedroom door. I stopped at the door, realizing that it could be just about anyone at the door, including Shane, Leo, Doug, or any of Jack's colleagues. There was no real reason for me to think it was Nate at the door, it was just wishful thinking and my desire to see him again that had my heart racing in anticipation. I forced myself to calmly walk down the hall and to the stairs, taking them as casually as possible, until that is I heard his voice.

"Nate!" I said, my voice rising with my excitement as I bounded down the last few steps. I rounded the corner to bring the front door into view and Lydia moved out of the way just in time as I ran passed her and launched myself at the blonde who was still standing on the front porch. He chuckled softly, even as he returned my embrace just as tightly.

"You didn't miss me, did you, Camryn?" he laughed into my hair. I nodded, squeezing my arms a little tighter around his neck.

"Oh, I wouldn't think he missed you too much, Nate," Lydia said, laughing softly to herself. "Now, don't stand out there all day, come in already! I have some freshly baked cookies and fresh lemonaide in the kitchen." I nodded again and slowly pulled away from Nate, reaching for one of the bags he had sitting on the porch. As I stood back up, his arm slid around me, pulling me flush against him.

"I missed you too, love," he whispered, his breath tickling my ear before he ran the tip of tongue over the back of it. A shudder slid down my spine as heat rushed both to my face and below my belt and a smile slipped over my face. I turned my head to look at him over my shoulder and his lips met mine in a tender kiss, both of our eyes falling closed. As far as I was concerned, this was the beginning of the rest of my life, and it was looking pretty damn good from where I was standing. Oh, god, yes it was.