Where frost nibbles at
The corners of the world
Like a fading photograph
She waits, patiently.

Where quiet hopes stop
Seeming so unattainable
In the clutter of time
He pauses, heedlessly.

Where the city meets the sea
In a colourful display of
Vacant buildings and apartments
They meet, hesitantly.

Where the chaos of the world
Carefully strokes the sky
In a cautious caress
They kiss, boldly.

Where the meaning of night
Fades into insignificance
And back into morning
They speak, recklessly.

Where the edge of reality
Crosses into the netherworld and
Dances delicately with dreams
She hopes, unwearyingly.

Because she knows that

Where the subtle lights of reason
Fall dutifully into rest and
Stop singing so loudly
He waits, too.