So when I was in that dark room, yes, me, and all alone. I really didn't know who was out side the door. I heard movement- maybe? Was it my breath, my heartbeat, my very nerves pounding on my ears? The darkness around me was left to my instincts as I stood, stock still, in shock of what may happen, or rather the mere chaos of it all. My hand quivered, and I wished for something- life, death, something other than this unsurely, this knowledge of the lack of options I had. What was I to do? I walked, stepped, shuddered towards the voice, the noise, the sounds. I found a handle with a trembling hand. I would not wait. I was not brave enough. So I found a handle, to my surprise. I opened the door, unlocked to my surprise. And I met my captor, to my imminent gratification and displeasure. He grinned, or rather it grinned, grimly, and I fainted. Dead on the ground. Perhaps I trembled still.