We are dolls in a dollhouse.
Can't get out,
Can't break free.
Forever living in a dollhouse,
where the charade begins.

Every day, new lies are made.
Old ones are being pushed away
but they will always be there, haunting us.
Lies and deception,
Is that what we all lived for?

This is a dollhouse
where making mistakes is a sin.
We have to be perfect
in everything we do.
Or we will be condemned.

Once a doll, will always be a doll.
We are controlled by Them
through strings we can't see.
We are being manipulated,
to say stuff that we don't mean.

This is me living in a dollhouse.
I finally realized I can no longer go back,
back to being me.
Cause I have lost my soul long ago.
Is this how it ends?

This is me.
This is you.
This is us.
We will always be there
till the end of timeā€¦