Second Glance

She's sitting in her corner once more
Left to wait once again for her chance
To spend the time with the one she adores...
Such is the pain of being the second glance.

She writes off the loneliness in her eyes
As simply being weakness of her mind
Eyes full of tears and lungs full of sighs
Refusing to see she'll always be left behind.

She goes about her day as an after-thought
You don't have to go out of your way for her
Because she'll come running whenever she's sought
She'll always be here, you are so assured.

The loss of importance won't run her away
The feeling of being a shadow, it doesn't hurt
You're so convinced that she'll always stay
So it's okay to drag her feelings through the dirt.

Meanwhile everyone's holding out prayers
That someday soon she'll see she's wrong
Second best isn't the best place out there...
But maybe she's known that all along.

One of these days she'll stand up on her own
And she'll finally walk out of the door
But her exit will probably go unknown...
By then she probably won't care any more.

And maybe when the first step is taken
She'll open her eyes and see the light
That all of the love she was once forsaken
Can be hers if she's willing to fight

For the attention of someone who actually cares
Of someone who will give her what she needs
Instead of only pretending to always be there
While all her loneliness hurts her, indeed...

She's going to wake up soon enough, you know
And she'll set off to find another chance
To find true love with someone who'll show
She's more than merely a second glance.