Eventful streets of New York literally shriek at her, ever turn was either into a person or car. It takes about three hours just to get to her apartment.

Sighing deeply, she slowly makes her way up metal stairs, stopping at a man screaming.

"Get your f***** a** in this house!" He shouts. By instinct, the girl rushes upstairs to defend whoever he was talking to, finding a white husky being kicked hard in the ribs. The drunk male yelling was hairless, bulky, and terrifying looking. Her heart raced at what she was about to do.

"Hey! Leave the poor thing alone!!!" She jumps in front of the whimpering husky, only to be kicked off the railing. Twenty stories, there is no way she can survive.

Amalie watches the owner leaving the dog out of the house, and then watches where her death will be.

Light is the only thing that stings, all the pain of the impact gone.

"Amalie Wilkerson, You gave your life for an animal. You will be rewarded a new life."

"I can have my life back?!" She asks, excited.

"Um… well not. But Close. You will see." The luminosity evaporates, leaving her in a warm dark place for a very long time.

Prologue, really short. I will get the rest of the chapters up soon Mira-sama. written by skittles