Chapter 1

Graceona, a demon princess daughter of the ancient demon elders the demon lord, Lord Gabriel, and his beautiful mistress Lady Elizabeth. Graceona was the middle child next to her older brother, the beautiful, wise, and level-headed Zion Cross. Graceona however was not level-headed like Zion. She was a stubborn, beautiful and a tad insane person. Below her in age was,Jaden Cross, he is a quiet turned person, but he shares Graceona's stubbornness and Zion's wisdom.

Graceona had a older brother, older than Zion but he was killed in the Vampire-Demon War thousands of years prior to her birth. That is the story that he parents told her and her two brothers. Zion and Jaden believed this tale, Graceona on the other hand didn't believe it. She knew how her father was, he had tried killing her many times because of her gender, he has tried buring her alive, burning her alive, he also use to beat her as a child. Her mother was no different than her father though her father tried destroying her, her mother was the one that actually drew Graceona to kill the demon lord and his mistress, abandoning her from her home,The Demon Realm.

Graceona now lives in her own realm that she created over 300 years ago, it is a world made entirely of pain, hate, and anger. The residents of the world are also from her imagination. Her favorite structure in the world she created was the castle that touched the ground and rose to the fiery red sky. The people in the world loved and adored their ruler but they were fearful of what she was. Since the world had been created Graceona had killed twenty people fifteen of them had wronged her, the rest of them died because she grew tired of them.

Graceona stood on the balcony of her castle watching over the people who roamed the red tinted streets, the red sky never lost it's light meaning it was never dark, the black clouds hung in the sky like black smoke that came from a smoke stack of a large factory. The realm was younger than she was but she loved this place, this was the place that she dreamt of over 400 hundred years ago. Though Graceona was the oldest living creature in the realm she still had her beauty that she possessed when she created the realm and took her first steps into it. Her long silky crimson red hair reach down to her hips, her tips were black, red hair hung freely off her shoulders past her breast. She had the body of an earthly model, knowing this fact she mostly wore belly shirts that ranged from bright red, to dark red, and then to black, today she wore a long sleeve sweater belly shirt with a fishnet under shirt, on her slender neck she wore a black choker with a large red ruby in the middle of it. Below the waist she wore a black belt that had chains on the side a very short skirt that had a red cross on the front, on her legs were black fishnet hoes, her feet were covered with leather buckle up knee length boots. Her make-up was as dark as usual, black eyeliner on her sapphire blue eyes and black eye shadow, on her lips was crimson red lipstick that was the color of blood.

Graceona heard footsteps approach her even before the large doors to her room opened, once the doors did open she heard porcelain clashing against porcelain without glancing back she knew who the butler was by the clattering of the cup against the teapot and the cheap smelling cologne he wore, it was none other than Edgar, since he was a creation of hers he has no last name, other than Grace, a creation that was like a daughter to her, Edgar treated Graceona and Grace like they were his family, Grace and Edgar are the only creations that she allows to get near her, the others were lucky to be there, they had not wronged her, no one has since she killed the fifteen of them that had.

" Lady Graceona, I have to go to the store after this, Samuel forgot to. Is the list on the table?" Edgar asked in his dry shaky voice.

Graceona turned around looking at the old man that had worked for her since he was a young boy, his parents had died in her killing spree, she said her voice icy as usual," No, your not going to the store in place of Samuel, that is not what I pay you for, send him up here, when you go back downstairs tell him I need to see him, if he refuses I will know and I will deal with him myself, you are dismissed for the rest of the day."

Edgar bowed before taking his leave Graceona looked at the tray containing the teapot and the empty glass on her bed, walking over to the bed she sat down on the bed pouring herself some tea. She looked around at the large room that surrounded her, the room was big enough to house a family of ten during the holidays plus a Christmas tree full of presents, she knew what holiday's were but she no longer had a family to celebrate those precious moments with. Graceona hated her family she had in the demon realm,those feelings caused her to go against having a family of her own. If family was about buring a child alive or burning one in a fire, then she was more than willing to die alone, though being immortal did get lonely, her father had told her that no one would love her and she was wasting her time wishing for the impossible.

Graceona looked at the steaming hot tea in her cup swallowing her anger, everyone in the demon realm hates her for the deed that she committed by killing their rulers, but knowing the hatred they all shared for her brought a smile to her face, it satisfied her in ways that no one but her could understand. She did it as their punishment they had no one to blame but themselves, for years she waited for the vampires to kill them and take them out of her life, she smiled at the thought of her mother's screams of pain and agony rang out to this day, and the sight of her father fighting a losing battle against Allah herself, the thoughts of him cursing her with his last breath brought her comfort and brought her the best dreams that she could ever think of having, Graceona was never depressed she knew she done the world a favor, the humans have no idea how she saved them, first it would have been the vampires that the demons had at their mercy, then the humans, then the world.

Graceona let a loud laugh this laughter was filled with evil, the only time she actually laughed, she never laughed at good things only when she had it planned to kill someone or something, even then the laughter lacked so much joy compared to the looks of pain on her parents face when she struck them down all those years ago.