Chapter 11...

Graceona stood on her balcony waiting and watching the realm with a icy glare. When she left Raven's room entering her own, she was greeted by a strong, un pleasuring odor. She knew the scent too well, it was a newborn vampire. Newborn vampire were always the nosy sort, always poking their noses where they had no business. The scent was close enough to make her mouth water, the smell that vampires left behind always disgusted her. But their blood always brought her satisfaction. She ran back into her room soon running through her bedroom doors, she checked Gracie Lynn's room first. She saw that the girl still played happily with her toys, relief ran over her. She swung from the top stair rail falling from the second floor to the first, she landed one her feet running towards Ellen and Raven's rooms. Her mind staying linked to theirs incase the vampire may try to attack one of them, Once she got to Ellen's door it was shut. She stopped putting her hand on the door knob to reveal it was locked, she was about to go to Raven's room then glass shattering came from behind the locked door. Graceona kicked the door down, she saw Ellen picking up glass from the floor. Grace asked, " Did a vampire come in here?"

" No, I just dropped a glass statue." Ellen replied, not really knowing how to take Grace kicking her door down.

Grace looked at her, then she heard Raven's thought's. They were full of fear, before Ellen could say anything about the door, Grace had already left and entered Raven's room.

Raven looked at the creature that had knocked him from his wheelchair, it slowly approached him. Examining him, Raven noticed the look in the creature's eyes. It stalked him, knowing to well that it wanted to end his life. With inhuman speed the creature dove for him only for someone to collide with it, he heard and felt as the wall beside him crumpled into a million pieces. He looked and saw a large hole beside him, where the wall fell.

Graceona looked at the creature as it stood up with lightning speed it yelled," Your going to pay for the meal you costed me!"

Grace shot the vampire an icy look. She hated when someone raised their voices at her, not only did it make her angrier than she would probably be in the first place. But it didn't feel to good on her ears either. Grace got a good look at the vampire and noticed it was a young man with short spiky brown hair and gray eyes, His attire was a long sleeved shirt and leather black pants. He looked to be a mere teenager, a former human. She didn't recognize him so she was certain that it wasn't one of her creations. She still looked coldly at the vampire before her, he screamed attacking her. Grace moved quickly from the vampires attacking distance and grabbed him from behind, her hand holding the vampire's head back, her claws touching his throat she said coldly," How do you like being the hunted, scum?"

The vampire elbowed her in the stomach, Grace felt as her temper surfaced. The vampire had to be young to not know what he was dealing with. Either he was young, or reckless and stupid. Grace pushed the vampire just a little sending him sailing across the street. With fast speed Grace kept up with the vampire. She pounced on him as the both of them landed in the road making a creator, the vampire struggled to get free from her grip she said," Whatever immortal life you thought of having as come to an end, your death was sealed when you entered this realm."

Grace heard as the vampire cursed at her, She used her free hand to crush the vampire's skull in. She stood up licking the blood from her hand, it felt like a hunger in her was finally being filled. She looked got to the palace and saw the large hole in Raven's bathroom. Soon Ellen and Raven met her in the streets in front of the house. She got to them and said," You two alright?"

Ellen looked at her with a smile and said," We're fine, we thought that we would come and check on you. You hit Raven's bathroom wall so hard it caused a huge hole."

Graceona chuckled then said," I'm more than alright, that was the most fun I had in ages."

Raven asked shockingly," Are you sure your alright Grace, your hand is bleeding."

Grace looked at her hand replying," It's not mine."

Grace walked behind Raven's wheelchair continuing," Raven and I have a wedding to go to, want to come Ellen?"

Ellen looked at her shocked," Whose wedding?"

Grace looked at Ellen with a smile," Mine and Raven's, I need a brides maid and some new clothes. What do you say, you want to help me out again?"

Ellen smiled and said," You better believe I want to go dude."

The three of them walked into the palace.


Well this is the last chapter of this story, it will be up to my reviewers rather they want to put up with my characters more after this story or not. Hope you enjoyed this story.